How will the NJDEP verify stewardship?

Establishing that a site is in compliance will continue to be the primary focus of an inspection. Resources are not available to conclusively verify all stewardship activities at the same level that the NJDEP verifies environmental compliance. However, participants will have to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the inspector that the stewardship activities are in fact occurring. The inspector will not just take your word for it; the inspector must clearly understand the activity and how it is environmentally beneficial. This will be done primarily through an interview but, at the inspector's discretion, may also include a review of certain documents, structures or processes. Also, the publication of this information provides opportunity for many to help NJDEP verify accurate responses. Customers, peers and the public have an interest in sites pursuing stewardship and living up to their claims. Misrepresenting stewardship activities leaves site operators subject to serious questions. NJDEP will reserve the right to exclude sites in the future for misrepresenting themselves.