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Genetic Diversity of Wild Brook Trout Populations in New Jersey:
Conservation and Management Implications

The document linked below (in PDF format) contains the results of a research study conducted by Patricia L. Hamilton, Principal Biologist in the Division of Fish and Wildlife's Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries.

The objective of the research was to characterize genetic variation within and among the wild brook trout populations in New Jersey, and to resolve questions regarding their genetic ancestry and integrity. The wild populations, some having a history of trout stocking and others suspected of being genetically "pure", were also compared with stock collected from a hatchery. Insight on the genetic variation of wild brook trout gained through this study will prove useful in shaping management strategies to ensure the long-term viability of wild brook trout populations in New Jersey and elsewhere in their native range.

This study was also presented as a Masters Thesis to fulfill a requirement for a Master of Science in Biology degree at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Complete Thesis (pdf, 1.68mb)

The complete study is available in segments to allow for faster downloads:

Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables (pdf, 10kb)
Chapter I - Introduction (pages 1-28) (pdf, 640kb)
Chapter II - Materials and Methods (pages 29-40) (pdf, 730kb)
Chapter III - Results (pages 41-55) (pdf, 170kb)
Chapter IV - Discussion (pages 56-69) (pdf, 33kb)
Literature Cited (pages 70-76) (pdf, 20kb)
Appendix (pages 77-95) (pdf, 85kb)


arrow Conserving the Eastern Brook Trout - An Overview of Status, Threats, and Trends (pdf, 107kb)
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