On June 18, 2002 biologists with the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife's Endangered and Nongame Species Program will lead a team of other biologists from the US and Canada to Southhampton Island in the Canadian Arctic to study the Red knot. The knot, a dove sized, red breasted shorebird, flies an incredible 10,000 mile journey from its wintering grounds in Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic to breed. On this journey, the birds run out of fuel and stopover on the Delaware bay, where they gorge on the eggs of the horseshoe crab. The Delaware Bay is the most important stopover on the flyway. The purpose of our expedition is to determine the change in the status of the red knot population as a result of declining horseshoe crabs on the Delaware Bay. We will report on our progress in a web field journal at this location over the next 2 weeks.