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Despite terrible weather, Clive lead the crew down to Kimble's Beach and made a good catch of 105 sanderling, just enough to meet our sample for this period. They struggled with howling gusts of wind and rain that came and down in torrents at time.

I took the Scots up to the airport. Hugh, Kevin, Jacquie, Kenny, Peter and Alastair helped us immensely and will be missed.

Ines, the biologist from Brazil, e-mailed me with some very surprising news. Her e-mail follows:

Dear Larry,

I think you know, a Red Knot with a Brazilian band was caught yesterday in Delaware [on Slaughter Beach]. The bird was banded May 10, 2001, in Campecha Island (Lencois Bay), Cururupu (City), Maranhao (State), weight = 165g, band number = H-47610. For me this is fantastic because only one red knot was caught during the expedition and the recovery represents a new record for us in terms of recovery time after banding. If you need more information, please contact me.



The photo of the knot is attached to the page.

Lawrence J. Niles, PhD
Chief, NJ Endangered Species Program

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