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New Jersey's Mammals

Have You Seen A Bobcat?
Report Bobcat and Other Endangered Species Sightings

Woodrat Research - DEP YouTube Channel
Video of N.J. 'BatCam' Bats Goes Viral On Facebook -, 7/29/16
Banding BatCam Bats At N.J. Home (Video and Photos) -, 7/21/15

Battle For Bats: Surviving White Nose Syndrome - Produced for the USDA Forest Service by Ravenswood Media

There are dozens of non-game mammal species found in New Jersey. Of these, there are three land mammal species listed as "endangered": the bobcat, Indiana bat and Allegheny Woodrat. There are also six whale species which occur off the state's coast, all of which are listed as both state and federally endangered.

The links below lead to pages with information about some of New Jersey's mammals.

Bobcat Information

The bobcat is a native wild cat historically found throughout New Jersey. Their numbers declined in the 1800s as forests were cleared for lumber, fuel and agriculture, and by the early 1970s they were thought to be extirpated (locally extinct) from the state. Between 1978 and 1982 the Division conducted a restoration project through which 24 bobcats were trapped in Maine and released in northern NJ. The bobcat was listed as Endangered in New Jersey in 1991.

Today bobcats appear to be rebounding in northern New Jersey, but there continue to be very few observations in the central and southern regions of the state. Their elusive nature makes them a challenge to study. The public can help by reporting a bobcat observation with the Rare Wildlife Sighting Form (please include photos if you have them!). Report an injured or dead bobcat via the DEP Hotline: 1-877-WARNDEP (1-877-927-6337).

Bobcat Fact Sheet (pdf, 815kb)
Bobcats in New Jersey with biologist Gretchen Fowles (DEP Podcast, 3/29/17)
Dogs and Bobcats ('CreatureShow' film about bobcats in New Jersey)
Trapper Information: Accidental Trapping of Bobcat (pdf, 625kb)
Trappers finding a bobcat on their trapline are required to report the occurrence within 24 hours by calling 1-877-WARN-DEP (1-877-927-6337), but are strongly encouraged to call IMMEDIATELY upon discovery of a bobcat in any trap.

Indiana Bat Information

October 2003 Species of the Month
Indiana Bat Fact Sheet (pdf, 47kb)

General Bat Information

Bat Conservation
Summer Bat Count
White-nose Syndrome Information
White-nose Syndrome Information for Rehabilitators
Bat Fact Sheet (pdf, 130kb)
Nuisance Wildlife Control for Bats (pdf, 150kb)
Importance Of Bats (US FWS)
"Terror In the Bat Cave" ('CreatureShow' film about bobcats in New Jersey)

Allegheny Woodrat Information

New Jersey's only remaining Allegheny woodrat population is found only on the talus slopes of the Hudson River Palisades near the New York State border.

Woodrat Research (DEP YouTube Channel)
Studying the Allegheny Woodrat (
Allegheny Woodrat Fact Sheet (pdf, 59kb)

Whale Information

The six species of whale which occur off New Jerssy's coast are listed on both the state and federal endangered species lists. They are managed by the International Whaling Commission.

Whales Fact Sheet (pdf, 50kb)
NJ Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Conservation Workshop Proceedings - April 17-19, 2006 (pdf, 1mb)


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