Freshwater Fishing License Information

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Available online and at license agents.

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NOTE: Fishing lcenses and stamps are printed at home; licenses and stamps on durable green stock can be ordered for a $2.00 fee.

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Anyone age 16 and older must have a valid license (see Exceptions) to fish the fresh waters of New Jersey with handline, rod and line, or longbow and arrow. This includes privately owned lakes and other waters. New Jersey does not require a general saltwater fishing license but there are a limited number of saltwater licenses and permits required. Additionally, most saltwater anglers need to register with the free New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program.

Fishing licenses may be obtained from license agents or online (NJ Driver License required for online resident license purchase). Duplicate licenses for the current year are also available.


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Fishing licenses must be worn in a conspicuous place on the outer clothing while engaged in fishing, and must be exhibited to law enforcement personnel on request.

NJ Child Support Certification Information
License purchasers are required to complete the NJ Child Support Certification process. See the NJ Child Support Certification Requirement Information page for information, or go to the License Web Site where you can complete the process.

Agents who are using the online system can enter your identifying information and see that you are certified already. (Those purchasing a NJ Fishing License on their home computer systems will automatically be brought to the certification page.)


Resident Licenses
It is unlawful for any person to obtain a resident license unless they have actually lived in New Jersey for six months immediately prior to the time of application. For ages 16 - 69.

Buddy Licenses
Available at discount to two people provided one (or both) have not had a NJ fishing license since 2010. More information

Licenses for Active Duty Servicemen and Women
A person who is on active duty in the armed services of the United States is entitled to fish with a resident license.

Licenses for N.J. National Guard Members
Eligible NJ National Guard personnel are entitled to free licenses, permits and stamps. Fishing licenses may be obtained online. Further information can be obtained by e-mailing MSG (Ret.) Robert Greco at or writing to: NJ Department of Military/Veteran Affairs, 101 Eggert Crossing Rd., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, or call 609-530-6866.

Licenses for Veterans with a Service-connected Disability
Resident NJ veterans with a service-connected disability are eligible for free licenses. See the Disabled Veteran License Information page for details.

Licenses for the Blind
Residents who are legally blind and registered with the Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired may obtain a free fishing license from the Division of Fish and Wildlife. The Commission for the Blind should mail the completed application and documentation of impairment to:

Sabrina Visco
N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife
Mail Code 501-03
P.O. Box 420
Trenton, NJ 08625-0420
Phone: 609-777-4245
Application Form (pdf, 190kb)

Special Limited Use Fishing License
Organizations, governmental or licensed private care facilities that are responsible for the physical or mental developmental health of persons who have a lifelong need of supervised care may apply for a special limited-use fishing license for patients under their care. See the Freshwater Fisheries Permits page for details.

Trout Stamp
No person age 16 or older (see Exceptions below) may take, attempt to take (i.e. fish for), or kill trout without a valid fishing license with a trout stamp attached.

Commercial Harvest Permits
See the Freshwater Fisheries Permits page.


Anglers Under 16 - No fishing license is required of persons under 16 years old.

NJ Residents Age 70 and Over - State residents 70 and older are exempt from fishing license and Trout Stamp requirements. A driver license or other acceptable proof of age containing date of birth and physical description will function as the actual fishing license/trout stamp for New Jersey residents 70 and over.

Fishing On a Farm - Farmers and family members that live on a farm do not need a license to fish on their farm, but must obey all fishing regulations.

(Licenses are valid from date of purchase to Dec. 31 of each year)

All Around Sportsman (includes Resident Fishing,
Firearm Hunting and Bow Hunting licenses)
Resident Fishing (Ages 16-64 yrs.) $22.50
Sr. Resident Fishing (Ages 65-69 yrs.) $12.50
Resident Trout Stamp $10.50
Non-Resident Fishing (Ages 16 and up) $34.00
Non-Resident Trout Stamp $20.00
7-Day Vacation Fishing (nonresidents only) $19.50
2-Day Vacation Fishing (nonresidents only) $9.00
Fishing Buddy Licenses Information

For information on fishing in NJ see the Freshwater Fishing and Saltwater Fishing pages.

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