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Is Your Bow Ready for Hunter Education?


It's important to be fully prepared for the hunter education field session as well as the written exam. More often than not, it is equipment issues which lead to people not passing the class. Going through this check list before class will help students succeed.

✔ What is your bow’s draw weight?
  • Vertical bows must be at least 35 lbs.peak draw weight
  • Crossbows must be at least 75 lbs. draw weight
Note: Bows at class may be put on digital bow scale to check weight
Crossbow students must be able to draw their own crossbow manually
or with a cocking device.
Scale for bow draw weight
✔ Check to make sure that your bow is not missing any E – Clips on its axles. Bow pulley
✔ Check to make sure your bow string is well waxed and not frayed.
✔ Pay careful attention around the outside of your cams or eccentrics.
Frayed bow string
✔ Check to make sure that your peep sight and nock points aren’t sliding. Bow sight
✔ Check limbs for stress cracks.
Any stress cracks can shatter bow in as little as one shot.
Damaged bow with crack
✔ Give the bow a tap and listen for any loose parts.
Often times a loose quiver or rest will cause a rattling sound.
It’s more important to have a quiet bow over a quick bow.
Checking bow for damage
How many arrows do you have?
✔ You must have at least 5 matched arrows:
Same length. Same weight. Same style fletching.
A manufacture’s arrow sizing chart can be used to determine proper arrow spine.
Five arrows

Mismatched equipment can be very dangerous to shoot. It is recommended to use your local archery pro-shop to help you safely succeed at archery.

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