Bass Catch and Release Reminder

April 14, 2022

Fish and Wildlife's Hackettstown Hatchery crew netted a large hatchery pond where bass spent the winter. 90 Largemouth and 20 Smallmouth Bass adults, referred to as "broodfish," were netted and placed in four smaller ponds for spawning purposes. Over the next few weeks, these fish will clear nesting areas along pond banks and begin to spawn. Hatchery staff will watch these nests for schools of bass fry swimming above the nests. At this point, they are called "swim-up fry," which are small fish that can swim and eat on their own. The fry are then netted and moved to separate ponds to be grown to two to four inches before being stocked later this fall!

Remember! Beginning tomorrow, April 15th and running through June 15th all largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing is Catch and Release only!

Photo of Young Adults in Water Holding Bass
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