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September 22, 1998

For more information contact:
Bob Soldwedel at 609-292-8642

Although the fall trout stocking program was discontinued as a result of severe budget cuts, the Fish and Game Council has approved the Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife's release of approximately 130,000 surplus brook, brown and rainbow trout in 16 of New Jersey's major trout streams this October.

"Each year at this time, the Division inventories the trout at the Pequest Hatchery," said Division Director Bob McDowell. "When the inventory exceeds the number needed to meet spring trout stocking requirements, the surplus is removed to increase efficiency and allow maximum growth of the fish slated for spring stocking. A surplus must be maintained throughout the summer to safeguard against an unexpected die-off during this critical period when the fish are smaller and more vulnerable to the hotter temperatures."

The majority of trout slated for release will not be of legal size, however, they will have the potential to survive and grow in these waters. Surplus trout have been stocked during the fall for the past 14 years and results indicate that they can reach legal size by the opening day of trout season in April.

In addition to these smaller fish, approximately 1,500 surplus rainbow trout breeders will be released. These trout range in size from 18-20 inches.

According to Director McDowell, if the Division's current funding initiative is passed this November, the Fall Trout Stocking Program would be fully reinstated in the autumn of 1999. Following are dates and locations of waters slated to receive trout:

Monday, Oct. 5:

Tuesday, Oct. 6:

Wednesday, Oct. 7:

Thursday, Oct. 8: