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Please be aware that fishing for sharks is regulated by the State and federal regulations. Federal regulations prohibit targeting any prohibited species and anglers must release any prohibited shark immediately, without removing it from the water and in a manner that maximizes its chances of survival. For example, Sand Tiger Sharks are a prohibited species, therefore posing for pictures on the beach with this species or any other species on the prohibited list is a violation of federal regulations. Additional information on the regulations regarding these species can be found at:

New Jersey's rich marine resources offer an outstanding variety of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to the state. They also support an important commercial fishery and provide the basis for one of the state's most important industries - tourism. From blue claws to striped bass, from surf fishing to deep artificial reefs, the division's management of marine resources provides an incredible range of possibilities for enjoying our coastal areas.

Our marine resources provide something for anyone interested in saltwater fishing, clamming or crabbing. Stretching from Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook to Cape May and Delaware Bay, New Jersey's 83 miles of bayshores and 127 miles of Atlantic coastline provide unparalleled opportunities for enjoying our marine resources.

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Artificial reefs provide excellent fishing.
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NOTE: Many marine species are managed on a coast-wide basis with seasons and limits required by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Those regulations must then be approved by our state's Marine Fisheries Council. The Council usually addresses these issues at their March meeting with the management measures becoming effective in mid- to late April or early May. The Marine Digest is normally published in May. Regulations remain in effect until changed.

Information on saltwater regulations changes are noted on the Regulations page, this page and our homepage when first posted. Subscribe to the NJ Marine Fishing E-mail List to be notified automatically, or call the "listen-only" line at 609-292-2083 for updates. Marine Fisheries staff can be contacted at 609-748-2020.

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