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Are you a weather fan? Will you be visiting Sedge Island? There is a weather station on the island, Sedge, NJ KNJWARET3, part of the Weather Underground network. To view current and past weather conditions visit the Weather Underground Sedge Station.

2022 Sedge Summer Programs
Kayak Fishing Workshop August 8, 2022

Sedge Island Summer Student Programs
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Sedge Island Natural Resource Education Center, located in Barnegat Bay off Island Beach State Park, in New Jersey's only marine conservation zone offers residential environmental education programs to participants 12 years of age and older. A short 15-minute boat ride from the Sedge Dock at Island Beach State Park takes you to the island. The renovated duck hunting lodge dates to over 100 years old, and is full of history of famous sportsman, historians and conservationists. Sedge Island continues to fuel memories as it is home to scientists, researchers, and explorers who wish to experience the "magic of sedge." Each day the sunrise wakes the house and the marsh comes alive around it!


Sedge House as seen from Barnegat Bay

  • The Sedge House has an enclosed porch, a common room, seven bunk rooms, a dining room, full kitchen, and wash up area. There is an outside rinse off shower and hose, but due to limited electric power participants do not shower while at Sedge. There is no heat or central air conditioning.

  • The house is completely off-grid. Solar panels provide electricity, while propane fuels the stove, water heater and outside grill. Two Clivus Multrum composting toilet handle human waste, and a shallow well provides water to wash dishes and hands. Potable water is brought out to the island for groups.

  • The kitchen has a stove, oven, refrigerator, all cooking utensils, flatware and dishes.

  • A floating dock provides the perfect place to fish or bird watch as the sun rises. The north deck gives you a view of the surrounding area and is the best place to unwind as the sun sets over the bay only to welcome a moon lit sky full of stars. The bay in summer sparkles with bioluminescence.
Note: There will be biting insects: greenhead flies, mosquitoes and gnats are common visitors.


  • Our 24-foot pontoon boat and 24-foot Carolina Skiff transport participants, gear and luggage to the island.

  • Fourteen tandem kayaks and two single kayaks are used to get participants into the marsh. Life jackets and paddles are provided.

  • Seine nets, an otter trawl, fishing rods and tackle, spotting scopes and clam rakes are also provided.


Sedge Island Program Directors and Interns will provide participants with a hands-on immersive salt marsh education experience, exploring both the natural and cultural history of the area. Conservation is the underlying concept taught throughout the group's time at Sedge. Program Directors will work with group leaders to tailor your time at Sedge so that it complements your group's education goals.

Sample activities include:

Fishing Clamming Otter Trawl
Birding Crabbing Sedge At Night
Salt Marsh Exploration Plant Communities Team Building

ORGANIZED GROUPS: Schools, summer camps, environmental or conservation clubs

Groups are responsible for providing their own food for the group, plus food for Sedge Island staff.

Menu Ideas and Suggestions {pdf, 170kb}
What to Bring List {pdf, 75kb}
Fees and Rules {pdf, 115kb}

Don't have an organized group? We offer Open Enrollment Programs
Various programs are offered throughout the summer for middle school and high school students to adults and families!

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