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American Woodcock Migration Study December, 2019 Update

Small game hunting in New Jersey provides hours of recreation afield every hunting season. From abundant native populations of rabbit and squirrel to elusive ruffed grouse, there are ample opportunities for sportsmen and women to enjoy the pursuit of game.

Each year approximately 50,000 pheasants are stocked on 23 division Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)and the Delaware Water Gap NRA and Ft. Dix, and 5,200 quail are released on two WMAs. Coyote and fox are perhaps the most challenging of the state's small game species. Though not nearly as popular as in past decades, trappers continue to take species such as raccoon, fox, opossum, mink, otter and beaver.

Hunter with pheasants and her dog
Photo by Tom Pagliaroli - click to enlarge
Small Game Information

arrow 2021 Pheasant Stocking Schedule (pdf, 453kb)
arrow Pheasant Stocking Maps
arrow 2021 Quail Stocking Schedule (pdf, 453kb)
arrow Quail Stocking Maps
arrow Pheasant Allocation Formula (PAF)
arrow 2021-22 Upland Game Birds Summary (pdf, 713kb)
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arrow Dog Training, Exercising & Hunting on Wildlife Management Areas
arrow Air Gun Hunting In New Jersey
arrow Muzzleloading Squirrel Hunting Zone - North (jpg, 263kb)
arrow Muzzleloading Squirrel Hunting Zone - North (pdf, 270kb)
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arrow Muzzleloading Squirrel Hunting Zone - South (pdf, 254kb)
arrow Muzzleloading Squirrel Hunting Zones Boundary Descriptions
arrow 2008-09 New Jersey Coyote/Fox Hunter Survey (pdf, 92kb)
arrow 2007-08 New Jersey Coyote/Fox Hunter Survey (pdf, 92kb)
arrow 2006-07 New Jersey Coyote/Fox Hunter Survey (pdf, 93kb)
arrow 2005-06 New Jersey Coyote/Fox Hunter Survey (pdf, 94kb)
arrow 2004-05 New Jersey Coyote/Fox Hunter Survey (pdf, 104kb)
arrow Small Game Firearm Harvest Summary, 1973-2018 (pdf, 85kb)
arrow Game Bird Harvest Summary, 1973-2018 (pdf, 90kb)
arrow Information on Lead in the Meat of Wild Game
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arrow Wild Turkey Information
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 arrowCoyote/Fox Hunting FAQ Sheet (pdf, 190kb)
 arrowLegal Ammunition For Hunting Coyote
arrow Foxes in New Jersey
arrow Dog Training Areas
arrow Ruffed Grouse in New Jersey
arrow Ruffed Grouse Ecology
arrow Grouse Priority Areas Siting Tool (G-PAST)
arrow Bobwhite Basics Brochure (pdf, 1.0mb)
arrow New Jersey Northern Bobwhite Action Plan
arrow2012 Quail Action Plan Landowner Survey Results (pdf, 230kb)
arrow Northern Bobwhite Restoration Initiative (NJAS)
arrowN.J. helping quail make comeback (Press of Atlantic City, 7/24/16)
arrowBobwhites try for Jersey comeback -, 2/12/16
arrowQuail Surviving and Thriving In South Jersey -, 1/21/16
arrowFirst Quail Nesting in NJ Since 1980s Confirmed - NJAS Site, 7/16/15
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