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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts on New Jersey's local seafood industry, the DEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has developed the New Jersey Seafood Finder Story Map. This site provides locations of seafood retail markets, wholesale distributors, delivery or pick-up businesses, and restaurants that sell seafood products that have been landed, grown or harvested in New Jersey and are available for sale to the public.

The New Jersey Seafood Finder story map site can be launched here:

This site will continue to be updated as we get new applications. If you would like your business to be added to the story map, please complete and submit your application via one of the two ways below:

For questions or assistance e-mail

New Jersey Seafood Finder has been a collaboration between the Division's Office of Fish and Wildlife Information Systems, NJ Department of Agriculture, NJ Sea Grant Consortium, and Rutgers Cooperative Extension.