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Trout In the Classroom
Equipment and Maintenance

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Classroom TIC set up The following is a list of necessary equipment for schools interested in starting a Trout in the Classroom program in New Jersey. Initial equipment set up cost will be around $1,200.00, but after that the cost of the program will be about $100.00 per year. The startup money includes tank, stand and hood with lights, which are not part of the TIC Kit #1. The tank, stand, and a hood with lights must be purchased from a local pet store or someplace like Carolina Biological.

It is recommended that you try and get the money approved through the school budget. Another good source of funding is the PTO/PTA or local environmentally conscience organizations, such as Trout Unlimited or soil conservation districts.

Please note that if all items on these lists are broken down by price per item, the amount far exceeds the total for the program. These kits are discounted for the Trout in the Classroom program by about 30% of the retail price of the equipment.

Equipment needed to start the program and where to order it from:
Equipment List (pdf, 160kb)

Every year, you will need to budget approximately $100 for replacement materials. Below are items you will need to budget for:

Equipment Replaced Yearly:

  • Filter Pads and Charcoal
  • Airstone - these can degrade or build up with waste.
  • Water Quality Test Kit
  • Microbe-Lift Special Blend 16oz.
  • Nite-OutII 16oz.
  • NovAqua Plus Water Conditioner 16oz.
  • GH & KH Hardness Test Kit for FW

Optional equipment includes materials that will help your program throughout the year:

  • Eye Dropper or Turkey Baster (or more for multiple students) for daily removal of eggs
  • Sheets of Styrofoam to cover tank on all sides, except the front of the tank
  • Two five gallon plastic buckets (not metal) to age water before putting it in the tank.
  • Battery-operated aerator, to give trout oxygen during transport (available at sporting good stores)
  • Long-handled scrub brush to loosen grime and growth in the tank
  • Clean ice packs, for use in transportation and/or chiller emergencies

While the setup of the tank for a first time TICer may look daunting, there are step-by-step setup instructions in the TIC Maintenance Manual at the end of this page. You can also reference basic setup videos on the national TIC website:
Basic Setup Instructional Videos (TIC website)

We have developed a great Trout in the Classroom maintenance program along with supporting materials that will help you with any issues you may be having with your tank. You should download the manual and keep it handy alongside your tank so that you can troubleshoot issues as they arise.
Maintenance Manual (pdf, 630kb)

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