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Legal Services and Stewardship


Once lands are acquired or developed with Green Acres funds, they must continue to be used solely for recreation and conservation purposes in perpetuity (and are known as "funded parkland.")

In addition, all lands that a county or municipality holds for recreation and conservation purposes at the time that it accepts Green Acres funds are subject to a Green Acres restriction (and are known as "unfunded parkland.") The Recreation and Open Space Inventory ("ROSI") is the master list of Green Acres-encumbered properties in each municipality (both funded parkland and unfunded parkland.)

The Bureau of Legal Services and Stewardship maintains the ROSIs and oversees Green Acres-encumbered parkland for compliance with the Green Acres rules. Bureau staff inspect parkland sites to ensure that they are well maintained and are open and accessible for public recreation and conservation purposes. They also respond to questions and complaints from the public about the operation and maintenance of Green Acres encumbered parkland.

In those rare instances where it is appropriate to divert Green Acres-encumbered parkland from recreation or conservation use, the Bureau handles the diversion application process set forth in N.J.A.C. 7:36-26 . The Bureau also handles proposed conveyances of NJDEP-held parkland, including easements across NJDEP property, auctions of surplus real property and land swaps. However, questions about leases or concessions on NJDEP property should be directed to the Office of Leases.

Park Sign with Green Acres Plaque, Lebanon Township, Hunterdon County




Bureau staff are available to answer questions about stewardship of Green Acres-encumbered parkland, including:

  • General questions about easements across State land or proposed conveyances of State land, including land swaps
  • Questions about errors on or omissions from ROSIs.
  • General questions about the diversion process.
  • “Is this parkland?” (jurisdictional determinations)
  • “May I do ______ on Green Acres-encumbered parkland?  Is this a diversion?” (questions about allowable uses on parkland)
  • “Is this a ‘change in use’?”
  • Questions about fees, scheduling and leases/use agreements.
  • Questions about use or construction of structures.

If you have a general Green Acres stewardship question, or a question about a ROSI, please email.

If you have a site-specific question, please contact the Bureau staff person assigned to the county in which the property is located.

To determine the applicable County Steward, check the Bureau Staff Assignment Map (pdf).



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