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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Requests for Use of NJDEP Property

Friends Hiking - Bass River State Forest, Bass River Township - photo by Rah’sh Horne Over 800,000 acres of land are held by the Department of Environmental Protection and managed for recreation, natural resource conservation, wildlife habitat, historic and cultural resource preservation and other public purposes.

Most of the Department's lands are open to the public and are managed by the Division of Parks and Forestry or the Division of Fish and Wildlife. The Division of Parks and Forestry's properties include State Parks, Forests, Recreation Areas, and Historic Sites. The Division of Fish and Wildlife manages Wildlife Management Areas.

The use of the Department's lands by a public or private entity, whether permanent or temporary, requires specific permission from the Department. The Department holds these lands in the public trust. Therefore, all proposed uses of Department property must be carefully assessed for their benefits to the public and their effects on natural and cultural resources.

Although Department lands can serve many uses, certain uses conflict with or are incompatible with the Department's mission. In these instances, requests to use Department lands will be denied. If a request to use Department property is granted, compensation will be required to ensure that the public will benefit from the proposal.

Examples of uses for which permission is required:

  • Access Easements (driveways)
  • Utility Easements
  • Rights of Way (Road or Bridge)
  • Land Exchanges
  • Long Term Special Events or Uses
To submit a request to use the Department's property please fill out the Request for Use of NJDEP Property Form. (PDF, 3/2022)

Lily Pad Pond in Full Bloom - photo by Galina Bello

For further information, please contact:

Adria Wentzel
NJDEP Property Conveyance Coordinator


Telephone: (609) 984-0532

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