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The Benefits of Leaving a Legacy... Selling Your Land to Green Acres


Save Time

Green Acres normally purchases land with few contingencies, and none that are dependent on approval by others.

Over 90% of our transactions take place in less than 18 months, even faster if you can provide some of the documentation needed for purchase.

Green Acres can arrange subdivision so that it may be possible to keep your house, or subdivide a lot off for your children, without a lengthy process.

An experienced Green Acres staff person will visit with you at least once and talk to you at least every month to let you know what the next steps are and when you can expect to complete the transaction.

Life tenancy - You may be able to continue to live on your property while getting use of its value today.

Save Money/Make Money

Green Acres pays cash. The full agreed-upon price is paid to you at closing or Green Acres can arrange for payment to you over time. Sales of land, which are to the state, do not incur state transfer taxes.

Green Acres pays a fair price. We will obtain independent appraisals to assist us in determining the value of your land. In those instances when we do not have enough money to offer that amount, you may be able to take advantage of tax savings by selling the land for less than the appraised value. In any event, it is your choice to keep or to sell your property.

Rollback taxes on lands that are under farmland assessment are not paid as a result of the transaction.

You pay no real estate commission if your property is unlisted and you deal directly with Green Acres staff.

Save Land

The valuable natural resources associated with your land will be protected.

Your land will become part of New Jersey's system of inter-connected open spaces and will be used as a park, wildlife management area, trail, or scenic viewshed to be enjoyed by future generations.

Your name can be placed in a Green Acres Registry, memorializing, for future generations, your and your family's association with the property.

In some instances, Green Acres acquires only a conservation easement. Depending on the negotiated agreement, there may be little or no public access. You realize much of your capital investment, the property is preserved, and the land remains on the tax rolls, perhaps at a lower value, resulting in lower real estate taxes.

If you are a landowner interested in selling land to the State of New Jersey, please complete and submit an "Application for Sale of Real Estate to N.J.D.E.P. Green Acres Program"


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