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Hurricane Ida Recovery Registration Survey

Residents impacted by Hurricane Ida in September 2021 are invited to complete a survey about what they need to recover from Ida and better protect their homes and communities from future storms.

There is no deadline to complete the survey, but completing the survey is required for residents who want to apply for future Ida-related recovery and mitigation programs.

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Debris Management

  • Emergency Debris Management
  • Notification of NJ DEP/Treasury Standby-by Debris Management Contracts pdf
  • Storm Debris Cleanup Instructions png
  • Governor Murphy Letter - Driver Hours Exemption- Updated 10/12/2021 pdf
  • NJ DOT has made available a special permit, as a result of the Presidential Major Disaster Declaration, granting temporary single-trip permit type to overweight/oversized vehicles, Unplanned Divisible Load Emergency Move, for waste/debris removal associated with emergency Hurricane Ida on NJ Interstate and National Highway systems for the additional weight capacity up to 90,000 pounds, effective September 7, 2021.

    • Transporters will have to create an account ( to apply for the divisible load weight permit increase up to 90,000 pounds.  Once the permit is obtained, pay attention to the 25 bridges that are not authorized for this additional weight. 
    • The permit obtained is a blanket authorization, and can be shared across the company requesting the permit.
    • This permit is only valid on the federal interstate and NJ State highway systems.  It is not valid on toll roads or on roads controlled by county or local government road authorities.
    • NJDOT stated they heard Pennsylvania DOT may have, or is considering similar relief, but any transporter travelling outside of NJ on the interstate road system must verify, what, if any requirements are necessary to transport divisible loads up to 90,000 pounds.

Drinking Water

Stream Cleaning and Emergency Repairs

Press Releases