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Division of Land Use Regulation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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NJ Coastal Zone Management General Permits

General Permits provide a means to perform a variety of activities within regulated areas, provided all of the requirements, as detailed in the rule, are met for that specific General Permit.  If your project does not meet all of the requirements, an application for that General Permit will likely be denied.  Another General Permit, Permit-by-rule, or an Individual Permit may be required for your project.

Please see the list of available General Permits provided below and individual links for additional information.  

GP 01 Amusement pier expansion
GP 02 Beach and dune maintenance activities
GP 03 Voluntary reconstruction of certain residential or commercial development
GP 04 Development of one or two single-family homes or duplexes
GP 05 Expansion or reconstruction (with or without expansion) of a single-family home or duplex
GP 06 Construction of a bulkhead and placement of associated fill on a man-made lagoon
GP 07 Construction of a revetment at a single-family home or duplex lot
GP 08 Construction of gabions at a single-family or duplex lot
GP 09 Construction of support facilities at legally existing and operating marinas
GP 10 Reconstruction of a legally existing functioning bulkhead
GP 11 Investigation, cleanup, removal or remediation of hazardous substances
GP 12 Landfall of utilities
GP 13 Construction of recreational facilities at public parks
GP 14 Bulkhead construction and placement of associated fill at a single-family home or duplex lot
GP 15 Construction of piers, docks, jet ski ramps, pilings and boatlifts in man-made lagoons
GP 16 Minor maintenance dredging in man-made lagoons
GP 17 Stabilization of eroded shorelines
GP 18 Avian nesting structures
GP 19 Modification of existing electrical substations
GP 20 Legalization of the filling of tidelands
GP 21 Construction of telecommunication towers
GP 22 Construction of certain structures related to the tourism industry at hotels and motels, commercial developments and multi-family residential developments over 75 units
GP 23 Geotechnical survey borings
GP 24 Habitat creation, restoration, enhancement and living shoreline activities
GP 25 Construction of one to three wind turbines less than 200 feet in height and having a cumulative rotor swept area no greater than 4,000 square feet
GP 26 Construction of wind turbines less than 250 feet in height and having a cumulative rotor swept area no greater than 20,000 square feet
GP 27 Dredging of sand from a man-made lagoon deposited as a result of a storm event for which the Governor declared a State of Emergency
GP 28 Dredging of material from a waterway at a residential or commercial development deposited as a result of the failure of a bulkhead as a consequence of a storm event for which the Governor declared a State of Emergency
GP 29 Dredging and management of material from a marina deposited as a result of a storm event for which the Governor declared a state of Emergency
GP 30 Commercial shellfish aquaculture activities
GP 31 Placement of shell within shellfish lease areas
GP 32 Application of pesticide within coastal wetlands to control invasive plant species
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