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NJ Coastal Zone Management General Permits-by-Certification

The Division of Land Use Regulation has made it possible to apply for and receive instant approvals for certain General Permits online.  The two coastal “e-Permits” that can be applied for utilizing the Department’s “DEP Online” system are the General Permit-by-Certification 10 and the General Permit-by-Certification 15. 

General Permit-by-Certification 10: The General Permit-by-Certification 10 at N.J.A.C. 7:7-5.1 of the Coastal Zone Management rules authorizes reconstruction of a legally existing, functioning bulkhead, in-place or upland of a legally existing functioning bulkhead, provided:

  • The replacement bulkhead is located upland of any wetlands;
  • Construction of a bulkhead subject to wave run-up forces (that is, in a V zone as described at N.J.A.C. 7:7-9.18)  is designed and certified by a New Jersey licensed professional engineer to withstand the forces of wave run-up;
  • The structure does not create net adverse shoreline movement downdrift, including erosion or shoaling;
  • Construction does not adversely impact any special areas as described at N.J.A.C. 7:7-9; and
  • Clean fill from an upland source is used for backfill.

General Permit-by-Certification 15: The General Permit-by-Certification 15 at N.J.A.C. 7:7-5.2 of the Coastal Zone Management rules authorizes construction of piers, docks, including jet-ski ramps, pilings, and boatlifts in man-made lagoons, provided:

  • The structures are located on individual single family or duplex lots and are for recreational or non-commercial use;
  • The structures, including mooring area and mooring piles, do not extend beyond a distance of 20% of the width of a man-made lagoon;
  • The width of the dock or pier does not exceed twice the clearance between the structure and the surface of the ground below or the water surface at mean high water, except for floating docks. 
    • For example, an 8’ wide dock must be elevated a minimum of 4’ above the water surface at mean high water;
  • The maximum width of the structure is 8’, except where crossing wetlands, where the proposed structure is constructed perpendicular to the shoreline to access sufficient water depth and shall not exceed 6’ in width.  In any case, the height of the structure over wetlands shall be a minimum of 4’;
  • Any wetlands disturbed during construction are restored to pre-project conditions;
  • The proposed structure, including mooring area and mooring piles, do not hinder navigation or access to adjacent docks, piers, moorings, or water areas;
  • A minimum of 8’ of open water is provided between any docks including jet-ski ramps, if the combined width of any existing or proposed docks over the water exceeds 8’;
  • For docks which are perpendicular to the adjacent bulkhead or shoreline, construction and placement of the dock is a minimum of 4’ from all property lines; and
  • The space between horizontal planking is maximized and the width of horizontal planking is minimized to the maximum extent practicable.  Under normal circumstances, a minimum of 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, or 1” space is to be provided for 4”, 6”, 8” to 10”, or 12” plus wide planks, respectively.

Please be advised:

  • Jet-ski ramps are inclined floating docks which are typically attached to existing docks for the purpose of docking jet-skis. 
  • Jet-ski ramps are not to exceed 8’ in width.
  • For sites which have existing dock structures exceeding 8’ in width over water areas and/or wetlands, which were constructed prior to September 1978 and for which the applicant proposes to increase the coverage over the water area or wetland by increasing the number or size of boat slips, docks or piers, the existing oversized structures shall be reduced to a maximum of 8’ in width.

Information on accessing the Department’s online system can be found below.  Please follow the instructions specified in the Department’s online system for creating an account and applying for one of the Coastal General Permits.  If further assistance is needed, please contact the Division of Land Use Regulation’s Technical Support Center by calling (609)777-0454.

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