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NJ Coastal Zone Management Permit-by-Rule

A Permit-by-rule "PBR" is a permit whose terms and conditions are set forth in the Coastal Zone Management Rules at N.J.A.C. 7:7-4.1 et seq. No prior written approval from the Department is necessary in order to undertake the specified regulated activity, provided all conditions of the Permit-by-rule are satisfied. 

The Permits-by-Rule include:

PBR 01 Expansion of a single family home or duplex
PBR 02 Development of a single family home or duplex and/or accessory development on a bulkheaded lagoon lot
PBR 03 Placement of public safety or beach/dune ordinance signs at public parks
PBR 04

Construction of nonresidential docks, piers, boat ramps, and decks located landward of the mean high water line

PBR 05

Construction of a portion of a residential recreational dock or pier located landward of the mean high water line

PBR 06 Reconstruction of  a residential or commercial development within the same footprint
PBR 07 Expansion or relocation (with or without expansion) landward or parallel to the mean high water line of the footprint of a residential or commercial development
PBR 08 Construction of a utility line attached to a bridge or culvert
PBR 09 Previous filling of tidelands associated with an existing single family home or duplex
PBR 10 Construction of a portion of a boat ramp located landward of the mean high water line at a residential development
PBR 11 Construction and/or installation of a boat wash wastewater system at a marina, boat yard or boat sales facility
PBR 12 Construction of 1 to 3 wind turbines less than 200 feet in height having a cumulative rotor swept area no greater than 2,000 square feet
PBR 13 Installation of solar panels on a maintained lawn or landscaped area at a single family home or duplex lot
PBR 14 Reconfiguration of legally existing dock, wharf, or pier at a legally existing marina
PBR 15 Placement of sand fencing to create or sustain a dune
PBR 16 Placement of land-based upwellers and raceways for aquaculture activities
PBR 17

Placement of predator screens and oyster spat attraction devices within a shellfish lease area

PBR 18 Placement of shellfish cages within a shellfish lease area
PBR 19

Construction and/or installation of a pumpout facility and/or pumpout support facilities

PBR 20

Implementation of a sediment sampling plan for sampling in a water area as part of dredging or dredged material management activity or as part of a remedial investigation of a contaminated site

PBR 21 Application of pesticide within coastal wetlands to control invasive plant species
PBR 22 Construction of a swimming pool, spa or hot tub and decking on a bulkheaded lot without wetlands

For information on a particular PBR, please see N.J.A.C. 7:7-4.1 et seq.

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