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NOTE: All webpages and forms listed on this website are being amended in accordance with the December 18, 2017 rule changes. We will be updating these pages as soon as possible. While these updates are in progress, our web pages may contain inaccuracies. Please refer to the appropriate rule for the most accurate and updated regulations for your activity of concern.

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Permit-by-rule (PBR) 14 - reconfiguration of any legally
existing dock, wharf, or pier at a legally existing marina

The PBR 14 authorizes reconfiguration of any legally existing dock, wharf, or pier at a legally existing marina, provided the marina is not located within shellfish habitat, submerged vegetation habitat, or a wetland and provided the proposed reconfiguration:

  • Does not extend outside of the area covered by an existing Tidelands instrument;
  • Does not result in an increase in the number of boat slips;
  • Does not hinder navigation;
  • Does not increase the total linear footage of docks or piers within the marina;
  • Provide a minimum of four feet from all property lines, for docks which are perpendicular to the adjacent bulkhead or shoreline; and
  • Minimizes the water area covered by structures by:
    • Providing a minimum of 8’ of open water between any docks if the combined widthof the docks over water exceeds 8’; and
    • For sites which have existing dock or pier structures exceeding 8’ in width over water areas and/or wetlands, which were constructed prior to September 1978 and for which the applicant proposes to relocate, the existing oversized structures must be reduced to a maximum of 8’ in width over water areas and 6’ in width over wetlands and intertidal flats.

Full details are provided at N.J.A.C.7:7-4.14.

If your project does not meet the requirements of the PBR 1, it may qualify for a General Permit or an Individual Permit.  Additional information on these permit types can be found on the Coastal Permitting page.

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