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Division of Land Use Regulation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

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Land Use Electronic Services (DEP Online)

NOTICE: Effective October 5, 2021, all applications for the following must be submitted electronically through DEP Online:

  • General Permits
  • Individual Permits
  • Water Quality Certificates
  • Freshwater Wetland Transition Area Waivers
  • Flood Hazard Verifications that are submitted
    in conjunction with an application for a permit
    or Transition Area Waiver

As part of its continued commitment to customer service and transformation, the Division of Land Resource Protection provides electronic services as an alternative to paper to allow property owners to apply online for certain land use determinations, authorizations and tidelands license renewals and ownership changes.

Accessing the System: Users may access the electronic system at Follow the registration process and create an account. You must have a valid email address to create an online account. NJDEP Online offers two different types of services: Non-Registered and Registered.

Non-Registered Services: The only non-registered service that is applicable to land use is "Pay a Paper Invoice." This allows you to pay a bill issued by land use online. You will need either an invoice number or an "NJEMS Bill ID" to pay a bill using this method.

Registered Services: All of the land use services are registered services. When configuring your service selections, all land use services are found under the header "Division of Land Resource Protection."

Division of Land Resource Protection

  1. Apply for a Land Use General Permit-by-Certification

    Use this service to apply for all general permits-by-certification. The rules require all authorizations for a land use general permit-by-certification to be submitted electronically. No paper applications will be accepted.

  2. Apply for a Land Use Authorization or Permit

    • Apply for a Land Use Authorization or Permit: Use this service to apply for all individual permits, general permit authorizations, transition area waivers, and Meadowlands District water quality certificates. An application for a verification may also be submitted through this service if it accompanies one of the listed application types. Stand-alone verifications must be submitted by mail.Note the service has been upgraded to accept applications for linear development projects.

    • Submit Additional Information for a Land Use Authorization or Permit: Use this service to submit additional information for pending permit applications and documents necessary to demonstrate compliance with the conditions of any approved permit.

  3. Apply for or Revise a Letter of Interpretation

    Use this service to apply for a letter of interpretation (LOI) for the delineation of freshwater wetlands on a property. Also, this service can be used for a revision of an LOI application that was previously submitted online.

    CAD Files are not accepted by this service. Please convert them to a shapefile.

Division of Watershed Protection and Restoration

  1. New Tidelands Application

    Use this service to apply for a New Tidelands License, Grant or SNI.

  2. Renew Tidelands License

    Use this service to renew a tidelands license that has expired or that will expire in the next six months.

  3. Tidelands License Ownership Change

    Use this service to transfer a tidelands license from the previous property owner to the current property owner. This service only applies to tidelands licenses. It does not apply to tidelands leases, statements of no interest or grants.

If further assistance is needed, please contact the Division of Land Resource Protection's Technical Support Center by calling (609) 777-0454.

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