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NOTE: All webpages and forms listed on this website are being amended in accordance with the December 18, 2017 rule changes. We will be updating these pages as soon as possible. While these updates are in progress, our web pages may contain inaccuracies. Please refer to the appropriate rule for the most accurate and updated regulations for your activity of concern.

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Streams & Rivers - The Flood Hazard Area Control Act

Permit by Rule

Each permit-by-rule specifically describes the regulated activity authorized, including the size and type of regulated activity and in some cases where in the flood hazard area and riparian zone the regulated activity may be conducted.  If it is unclear whether a particular activity is regulated, the Department encourages applicants to obtain an applicability determination under N.J.A.C. 7:13-2.5 prior to commencing work. Unauthorized regulated activities may result in enforcement action pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:13-24.

The table below organizes the 62 permits-by-rule into distinct categories. Each permit-by-rule specifically describes the regulated activity authorized, including the size and type of regulated activity and in some cases where in the flood hazard area and riparian zone the regulated activity may be conducted.  Details of each permit-by-rule can be found at Subchapter 7, pages 58 to 85.


Clicking on the title bar below will open the information page for the various regulated activates pertaining to flood hazard area permits. Click again on any title bar to close it.

New flood hazard area permits-by-rule – Effective June 20, 2016

General Construction Activities

7:13-7.1 Permit-by-rule 1 – normal property maintenance

7:13-7.2 Permit-by-rule 2 – repair of a lawfully existing structure

7:13-7.3 Permit-by-rule 3 – in-kind replacement of a lawfully existing structure

7:13-7.4 Permit-by-rule 4 – removal of any lawfully existing fill or structures

7:13-7.5 Permit-by-rule 5 – removal of accumulated sediment and debris from a regulated water by hand

7:13-7.6 Permit-by-rule 6 – removal of major obstructions from a regulated water with machinery

7:13-7.7 Permit-by-rule 7 – placement of no more than five cubic yards of landscaping material

7:13-7.8 Permit-by-rule 8 – construction at or below grade in a fluvial flood hazard area

7:13-7.9 Permit-by-rule 9 – general construction activities in a tidal flood hazard area

7:13-7.10 Permit-by-rule 10 – general construction activities located outside a flood hazard area in a riparian zone


7:13-7.11   Permit-by-rule 11 – reconstruction, relocation, and/or elevation of a lawfully existing building

7:13-7.12   Permit-by-rule 12 – construction of an addition(s) to a lawfully existing habitable building

7:13-7.13   Permit-by-rule 13 – construction of a non-habitable building(s)

7:13-7.14   Permit-by-rule 14 – construction of a partially-open structure(s)

7:13-7.15   Permit-by-rule 15 – construction of barrier-free access to a building

7:13-7.16   Permit-by-rule 16 – construction of a deck
Water Dependent

7:13-7.17   Permit-by-rule 17 – construction of a dock, pier, or boathouse

7:13-7.18   Permit-by-rule 18 – construction of a boat launching ramp

7:13-7.19   Permit-by-rule 19 – replacement, renovation, or reconstruction of certain water dependent structures
Specific Construction

7:13-7.20   Permit-by-rule 20 – construction of a fence

7:13-7.21   Permit-by-rule 21 – construction of a swimming pool associated with residential use

7:13-7.22   Permit-by-rule 22 – construction of a trail and/or boardwalk

7:13-7.23   Permit-by-rule 23 – construction of a footbridge

7:13-7.24   Permit-by-rule 24 – construction of a tank

7:13-7.25   Permit-by-rule 25 – construction of an aboveground athletic and/or recreational structure

7:13-7.26   Permit-by-rule 26 – forest management activities

7:13-7.27   Permit-by-rule 27 – repair, maintenance, and/or dredging of a manmade canal

7:13-7.28   Permit-by-rule 28 – filling of an abandoned raceway

7:13-7.29   Permit-by-rule 29 – placement of one to three wind turbines

7:13-7.30   Permit-by-rule 30 – placement of solar panels and associated equipment

7:13-7.31   Permit-by-rule 31 – placement of a floating aerator

7:13-7.32   Permit-by-rule 32 – construction of an aquatic habitat enhancement device

7:13-7.33   Permit-by-rule 33 – placement of one or more utility poles

7:13-7.34   Permit-by-rule 34 – placement of one or more utility open-frame towers

7:13-7.35   Permit-by-rule 35 – placement of one or more utility monopole towers

7:13-7.36   Permit-by-rule 36 – placement of an underground utility line using directional drilling or jacking

7:13-7.37   Permit-by-rule 37 – placement of an underground utility line beneath existing pavement

7:13-7.38   Permit-by-rule 38 – attachment of a utility line to a lawfully existing roadway or railroad that crosses a regulated water

7:13-7.39   Permit-by-rule 39 – placement of an underground utility line that does not cross a regulated water

7:13-7.40   Permit-by-rule 40 – milling, repaving, and/or resurfacing of a lawfully existing pavement

7:13-7.41   Permit-by-rule 41 – placement of a guiderail along a lawfully existing public roadway

7:13-7.42   Permit-by-rule 42 – reconstruction of all or part of a lawfully existing bridge superstructure

7:13-7.43   Permit-by-rule 43 – placement of traffic safety structures on poles

7:13-7.44   Permit-by-rule 44 – surveying activities

7:13-7.45   Permit-by-rule 45 – geotechnical and archeological investigation activities

7:13-7.46   Permit-by-rule 46 – installation of one or more monitoring wells

7:13-7.47   Permit-by-rule 47 – construction of a gauge, weir, or similar device

7:13-7.48   Permit-by-rule 48 – temporary storage of unsecured construction material outside a floodway

7:13-7.49   Permit-by-rule 49 – storage of unsecured material associated with a single-family home or duplex

7:13-7.50   Permit-by-rule 50 – storage of unsecured material associated with a habitable building or facility, other than a single family home or duplex
7:13-7.51   Permit-by-rule 51 – storage of unsecured material associated with a facility that stores and distributes material

7:13-7.52   Permit-by-rule 52 – placement, storage, or processing of hazardous substances

7:13-7.53   Permit-by-rule 53 – placement, storage, or processing solid waste or recyclable materials at a lawfully existing facility
Agricultural Activities

7:13-7.54   Permit-by-rule 54 – continuation of lawfully existing agricultural activities

7:13-7.55   Permit-by-rule 55 – commencement of new agricultural activities

7:13-7.56   Permit-by-rule 56 – continuation or commencement of natural resource conservation practices associated with agricultural activities

7:13-7.57   Permit-by-rule 57 – construction of a non-habitable building for agricultural purposes

7:13-7.58   Permit-by-rule 58 – filling or modification of a manmade regulated water for freshwater wetlands restoration

7:13-7.59   Permit-by-rule 59 – creation of a ford across a regulated water to manage livestock

7:13-7.60   Permit-by-rule 60 – construction of a fence along and/or across a regulated water to manage livestock
7:13-7.61   Permit-by-rule 61 – construction of a pump and/or water intake structure in or along a regulated water for livestock

7:13-7.62   Permit-by-rule 62 – construction of a manure management structure for livestock or horses
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