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Digital Geodata Series
DGS02-2 Well Head Protection Areas For Public Community Water Supply Wells In New Jersey.

IMAGE METADATA shapefile geo google    (4-26-2018)


A Well Head Protection Area (WHPA) is both an area modeled around an unconfined Public Community Water Supply (PCWS) well in New Jersey that delineates the horizontal extent of groundwater captured by a well pumping at a specific rate over two-, five-, and twelve-year periods of time for unconfined wells and a fifty foot radius delineated around each confined PCWS well (This corresponds to the water purveyor controlled wellhead area as defined in the Safe Drinking Water Regulations (see NJAC 7:10-11.7(b)1)). WHPA delineations are created in compliance to the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986 and 1996 as part of the Source Water Area Protection Program (SWAP). The delineations are the first step in defining the sources of water to a public supply well. Within these areas, potential contamination will be assessed and appropriate monitoring will be undertaken as subsequent phases of the NJDEP SWAP. The WHPAs were previously defined using line and polygon coordinate files and the Arc/INFO Generate command. Individual WHPAs were then combined into county and statewide coverages with the Arc/INFO Union command. The WHPAs are currently created using the same coordinate files using a Python-based feature creation script producing an ArcGIS geodatabase feature. The individual features are then combined using ArcGIS merge command. Previous WHPA coverages were updated to features also and combined into a statewide WHPA feature. The new statewide WHPA feature is downloadable below as either an ArcGIS shapefile or a layerpack file. An ArcView legend file is provided within each download or available for direct download below. A Google Earth KMZ file of the statewide WHPA data is also available. The 2011 and earlier WHPA delineation methods are described in "NJGWS Open File Report OFR 03-1 Guidelines for Delineation of Well Head Protection Areas in New Jersey". Due to security consideration, the PCWS well features are not available for direct download but may be requested from the NJDEP. Instructions about how to request the Public Community Water Supply Wells ArcGIS point feature from the NJDEP are available here: N.J. Geological Survey Digital Geodata Series DGS97-1

Updates of Public Community Water Supply Well Head Protection Areas are listed in Well Head Delineations Updates.

A list of clipped Public Community Water Supply Well Head Protection Area delineations is available here: Well Head Delineations Clips.

Index Map of Public Community Water Supply Well Head Protection Areas
in New Jersey

Sample Image and Feature Downloads

Sample Image

Download Shapefile, Geodatabase, legend or Google Earth KMZ file by clicking a link below:

WHPA ShapefileUpdated

WHPA Geodatabase (layerpack) fileUpdated

WHPA legend file

WHPA Google Earth (KMZ) fileUpdated
Map of New Jersey showing WHPA areas

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