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Evaluation of aquifer quality in N.J. in terms of criteria established by the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program, Garry Morrison and Robert Canace, 1983, 40 p., 1 map, 3 tables, Download PDF (804 KB)

Brief History of the New Jersey Geological Survey, D.R. Dombroski, Jr., 1984, 6 p., Download PDF (170 KB)

Review of the permeability characteristics of the Woodbury Clay, D. R. Dombroski, 1985, 23 p., Download PDF (883 KB)

TIP: a Theis interactive program, by J. L. Hoffman, 1984, 41 p., Download PDF (534 KB)

Landfill leachate flux equations: a theoretical development and computer programs, J.L. Hoffman, 1984, 41 p., Download PDF (828 KB)

The Noordbergum effect, J. L. Hoffman, 1984, 16 p., Download PDF (336 KB)

A set of SAS programs for ground water pollution site management data, J.L. Hoffman, 1985, 40 p., Download PDF (981 KB)

TM 87-3, Ground water contamination and the delineation of a well restriction area in East Hanover Township, Morris County, N.J., Gil Oudijk, 1987, 49 p.,Download PDF (1.37 MB)

TM 87-4, Water soluble phase of number 2 fuel oil: results of a laboratory mixing experiment, W.H. Kramer and T.J. Hayes, 8 p., Download PDF (362 KB)

TM 87-5, Water soluble phase of gasoline: results of a laboratory mixing experiment, W.H. Kramer and T.J. Hayes, 1987, 13 p., Download PDF (389 KB)

TM 88-1, Seismic refraction and gravity investigation of topography at Lakeland Regional High School, Wanaque, Passaic County, New Jersey, 1988, Thomas C. Bambrick and Donald Jagel, 16 p., Download PDF (685 KB)

TM 88-2, Hydrogeologic study of water well failures in argillite bedrock of Sourland Mountain, Somerset County, New Jersey, Hugh F. Houghton, 1988, Download PDF (1.24 MB)

TM 88-5, Seismic refraction and electrical resistivity surveys, West Milford Township, Passaic County, New Jersey, Jeffrey S. Waldner, Thomas C. Bambrick, and John C. Groenewold, 1988, 35 p., Download PDF (1.09 MB)

TM 89-1, Annual summary of phytoplankton blooms and related conditions in New Jersey coastal waters, summer of 1988, Paul Olsen and Barbara Kurtz, 1989, 22 p., Download PDF (920 KB)

TM 89-2, Determination of bedrock topography and geology using various geophysical techniques, Suhas L. Ghatge, David L. Pasicznyk, Stewart K. Sandberg, David W. Hall, and John C. Groenwold, 1989, 23 p., Download PDF (3MB)

TM 98-1, Comprehensive Chemistry of Select Greensand from the New Jersey Coastal Plain, John H. Dooley , 1998, 20 p., Download PDF (926 KB)

TM 99-1, Basin Factor Calibration for Ground-Water Recharge Estimation, Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 1999, 2 p., 1 illus., 2 tables. Download PDF (1.7 MB).

TM 01-1, Development of New Jersey Drought Regions, Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 2001, 18 p., 2 illus., 3 tables. Download PDF (596 KB)

TM 04-1, Modifications to New Jersey's Watershed Management Area Boundaries, 1996-1999, Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 2004, 7 p., 5 illus., 4 tables. Download PDF (799KB)

TM 06-1, Field Tests Using a Heat-Pulse Flow Meter to Determine its Accuracy for Flow Measurements in Bedrock Wells, Herman, Gregory C., 2006, 8 p., 7 illus., 3 tables. Download PDF (1.68MB)

TM 09-1, Potential Rate of Stream-Base-Flow Depletion from Groundwater Use in New Jersey., Canace, Robert C. and Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 2009. Download PDF (546 KB)

TM 09-2, Revisions to New Jersey's HUC 14s, 2009, with a Correlation to HUC 12s, Hoffman, Jeffrey L. and Ted Pallis, 2009. Download PDF (3.96 MB)

TM 09-3, The Hydroecological Integrity Assessment Process in New Jersey , Hoffman, Jeffrey L. and Helen Rancan, 2009. Download PDF (1.14 MB)

TM10-1, Reconstructed Streamflow in the Musconetcong River at Lake Hopatong, Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 2010. Download PDF (746 KB)

TM 12-1, Results of an Aquifer Test in Chatham Borough, Morris County, New Jersey, May 1992, Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 2012. Download PDF (5.09 MB)

TM 12-2, Hydrogeologic Testing and Reporting Procedures in Support of NJ Water Allocation Permit Applications, Hoffman, Jeffrey L. and others, 2012. Download PDF (1.44 MB) (Supercedes GSR 29)

TM 13-1, New Jersey Water Supply Planning Activities in 2012, Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 2013, 24p., 8 illus., 5 tables.Download PDF (460 KB)

TM 13-3, Using the Stream Low Flow Margin Method to Assess Water Availability in New Jersey’s Water-Table-Aquifer Systems, Steven Domber Ian Snook and Jeffrey L. Hoffman, 2013, 76p., 7 illust., 2 tables. Download PDF (5.46 MB)

TM 13-4, Changes in Groundwater Recharge Resulting from Development in Atlantic, Mercer and Sussex Counties, New Jersey, 1995-2007, Thompson, Charles and Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 2013, 15 pages, 6 illus., 8 tables, and 1 appendix. Download PDF (2.68 MB)

TM 14-1, Nitrate Concentrations in Groundwater of New Jersey’s Highlands, Hoffman, Jeffrey L. and Petriman, Alexandra, 2014, 23 pages, 7 illus., 12 tables, and 1 appendix. Download PDF (2.8 MB) UpdatedRevised, 2015.

TM 16-1, Protocol for Heavy-Liquid Separation of Heavy Minerals and Recovery of Non-Toxic Separation Liquids, Uptegrove, Jane, Reier, Sandra A. and Muller, F.L., 2016, 6 pages and 2 figures. Download PDF (770 KB)

TM 17-1, Highest Elevations by County in New Jersey, Alexandra Petriman, 2017, 64 pages, 2 Tables and 90 figures. Download PDF (2.35 MB)

TM 18-1, Reservoir Operations in New Jersey Preceding Hurricane Sandy, October, 2012, Hoffman, Jeffrey L., 2018, 27 pages, 24 illus. and 2 appendices. Download PDF

TM 21-1, Investigation of Elevated Sodium and Chloride in Well Water, Village of Columbia, Knowlton Township, Warren County, New Jersey, Brady Lubenow, Michael Gagliano, Michelle Spencer, Raymond Bousenberry, and Steven Spayd, 2022, 46 pages, 23 illus., 3 tables and 1 appendice. Download PDF(10 KB)

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