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New Jersey Geological and Water Survey (609) 292-1185
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State of New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Water Supply and Geoscience
Geological and Water Survey

Publications and Speical Operations Office
(609) 292-1185

Jeffrey L. Hoffman, State Geologist

Tenika Haywood, Administrative Assistant 3

Research & Grants / Publications & Web

The Publications and Special Operations Office is responsible for the editing and publishing of various Survey reports, maps, and educational information. This section also coordinates geologic evaluations of projects submitted through the Office of Permitting and Project Navigation.

Richard Dalton, Manager 4

Michael Girard, GIS Specialist 2
Ted Pallis, GIS Specialist 1
Ron Pristas, GIS Specialist 1

David L. Pasicznyk, Bureau Chief

Kimyata Glover, Management Assistant

Geoscience Research

The Geoscience Research Section is responsible for various activities for NJGWS and NJDEP. Our research scientists, geologists, and environmental specialists conduct monitoring, perform studies, and provide expertise in groundwater quality, geochemistry, borehole logging, and near-surface geophysics. This section is the NJDEP lead for seismic and vibracore offshore sand resource studies, New Well and Synthetic Organic Compound testing, and is home to the NJDEP Drilling Program.

Raymond Bousenberry, Section Chief

Brian Buttari, Principal Geologist
John Dooley, Research Scientist 2
Michael Gagliano, Senior Geologist
Catherine Jedrzejczyk, Research Scientist 3
Steve Spayd, Ph.D., Research Scientist 1
Michelle Spencer, Senior Geologist
Gregg Steidl, Environmental Specialist 3

Water Supply Modeling & Planning Section

The Water Supply Modeling and Planning Section is responsible for analyzing NJ's water resources, infrastructure, and supply network, and initiating and developing long-term water-supply plans and policies. The goal is a comprehensive water resource management strategy for New Jersey's groundwater and surface water supplies that ensures current and future availability and increases overall resiliency to respond to drought and climate change related stresses.

Steve Domber, Acting Section Chief

Kent Barr, Research Scientist 3
Foram Desai, Environmental Engineer 2
Rich Grabowski, Environmental Specialist 4
Joe Miri, Ph.D., Research Scientist 1
Daniel Hoy, Environmental Specialist 1
Ian Snook, Environmental Specialist 3

Geological Mapping and Coastal Geology Section

The Geological Mapping and Coastal Geology Section is responsible for the development of on-shore surficial and bedrock maps and off-shore geological maps. The mapping is partially funded by annual grants from the US Geological Survey. Other maps such as county-wide aquifer maps, historic fill, and karst maps, among others, are also produced. These geologic and coastal geology maps provide the basic data needed to address natural resource and environmental concerns within the DEP. Governmental agencies, consulting professionals, academia, non-profit organizations, and the public use the maps as a tool for making environmental decisions and recommendations and for conducting scientific research.

Helen Rancan, Section Chief

Alexandra Carone, Senior Geologist
Michael Castelli, Senior Geologist
Don Monteverde, Ph.D., Research Scientist 2
Zachary Schagrin, Assistant Geologist
Scott Stanford, Ph.D., Research Scientist 1
Pete Sugarman, Ph.D., Research Scientist 1

Hydrogeology Analysis Section

The Hydrogeology Analysis Section is responsible for performing hydrologic evaluations of new water supply sources, including impacts to existing users and water supplies. This section also assesses the movement of saltwater and contaminants impacting the State's water resources and utilizes computer models to characterize aquifers and delineate wellhead protection areas.

Bart Cerami, Section Chief

Mark French, GIS Specialist 1
Walt Marzulli, Investigator 2
Eric Roman, Supervising Geologist
Rich Shim-Chim, Supervising Environ. Engineer
Yelena Stroiteleva, Senior Geologist

Terry Pilawski, Bureau Chief

Permit Administration Unit

Yvens Dessalines, Information Technology Specialist
Matt Myers, Environmental Specialist 3
Crista Van Haren, Environmental Specialist 3

Well Permitting Section

Joe Mattle, Section Chief

Julia Altieri, Environmental Specialist 4
Amanda Blanda, Agency Services Representative 3
Rebecca McCullic, Agency Service Rep Trainee
Imani McGowan, Information Technology Specialist
Mark Ortega, Environmental Specialist 2
Steve Reya, Environmental Specialist 3
Mike Schumacher, Environmental Specialist 3
Lynn Stout, Administrative Analyst 3
Jeremy Wick, Environmental Specialist 2

Allocation Permitting Section

Jennifer Myers, Section Chief

Rachel Filo, Environmental Specialist
Cathy Foley, Environmental Specialist 3
Rob Hudgins, Environmental Specialist 3
Ken Komer, Principal Geologist
Andy MacDonald, Environmental Specialist 3
Jessica Mevioli, Environmental Specialist 3
Mark Miller, Environmental Specialist 3
Akin Ode, Environmental Specialist 2
Ovidiu Petriman, Principal Geologist
Barbara Ware, Environmental Specialist 2

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