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New Jersey Natural Lands Trust

Wantage Township, Sussex County
173 Acres

The small Quarryville Brook flows through this wooded property. Years ago the site was active farm and pasture land. A small farm pond created long ago still proves to be a productive fishing hole. Little green heron and great blue heron fish here as well. The upland forests were planned for a housing development, and some land clearing and road grading had begun. Since being acquired by the Green Acres Program, the forests have reestablished. Young sugar maples, gray birch and red oaks have sprouted and offer brushy habitat ideal for yellow-throated warbler and red-eyed vireo. Old stone walls follow historic farm lanes lined with mature sugar maple trees. These make handy foot trails for visitors. Much of the site is part of an extensive red maple swamp.

Public Access and Uses:
Best accessed from Born Road which leads to an adjacent Wantage Township recreation ballpark. No maintained hiking trails are provided. The Trust allows registration for deer hunting at this preserve.

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