rare plant profiles

Rare Plant Profiles

The NJDEP’s Office of Natural Lands Management, Natural Heritage Program (NHP), monitors the status of more than 800 native New Jersey plant species, including 356 species listed as endangered in the State.  However, little to no research on most of these species has been conducted or compiled, leaving their natural history and management requirements largely unknown. The Trust and the NHP have long recognized the need to develop information on rare plant species.

Towards this end, the NHP is developing Rare Plant Profiles on New Jersey’s rare plant species.  Each Profile provides a concise summary of multiple components of the natural history for each species. Topics may include diagnostic characteristics, seed dispersal and plant reproduction, pollinator dynamics, interspecies interactions, associated species, general habitat requirements, national and state distribution and range, conservation status, potential threats, and management recommendations.  Profiles were primarily developed through scientific literature review; however, other research avenues may have included herbaria records as well as personal communication and/or interviews. Users of all disciplines should find valuable information presented in these Profiles.

To view Rare Plant Profiles completed to date click here.