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NJDEP selects three consultant firms to assist the State with planning and design activities in urban parks

On April 4, 2023, NJDEP retained three consultant firms to assist the State with planning and design activities, including assessment services, development of planning and design documents, community and stakeholder engagement, and to facilitate the creation of master plans for its urban parks initiatives.

The selected firms will have the opportunity to assist NJDEP with the commencement of robust community-focused stakeholder engagement, and develop recommendations for phased development, stormwater management, and remediation of historic industrial contamination through a series of Mini-Bids.

Agency Landscape + Planning, with NV5
“Exploring portions of the old Boonton line in early February sparked a powerful excitement among our team for the potential of the Greenway to connect diverse communities along a corridor rich in ecological and infrastructural beauty. We are inspired and honored to partner with the state and its residents to envision and implement this powerful set of projects!”
- Kate Tooke, Principal Landscape Architect, Agency Landscape + Planning

“Arup is honored to have been selected for this exciting endeavor by NJDEP. We view this planning effort as a step toward reimagining what sustainable open spaces can do for NJ communities, while creating a vision and design for a more resilient and equitable future for New Jersey. The Greenway puts forth an opportunity to implement sustainable mobility, and advance equity and environmental justice through the thoughtful design of a green corridor that will promote health and wellbeing across eight communities in two counties.”
-Vincent Lee, Principal, Arup

James Corner Field Operations
“Field Operations is excited to be collaborating with NJDEP on their vision for the Greenway. This offers the opportunity to reinforce connections between New Jersey neighborhoods and create new connections with nature and the waterfront. With design team members that are locally rooted, we are eager to combine these unique assets with NJDEP's ambition, setting the stage for a world-class and community-based destination, one that embraces nature as part of a sustainable future.”
-James Corner, Founder and CEO, Field Operations

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