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Site Remediation Basics

The Site Remediation Program (SRP) manages remediation activities for NJDEP through various SRP bureaus. Remediation activities under NJDEP oversight are conducted by responsible parties (RPs) or, absent a responsible party, are publicly funded. RP sites include regulated underground storage tanks, industrial sites governed under the ISRA legislation and individual homeowner tank cases, among others. Superfund sites include both publicly funded and RP cases, and are jointly managed by NJDEP and EPA.

More specific information on these activities, as well as current public participation practices within SRP, can be found at:

The Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) institutes its commitment to protect the public health and the environment through a series of laws; regulations to direct implementation of those laws; and companion policies and practices that further underscore that commitment; and to provide public access to information.

The major laws and regulations that govern those activities include:


Please be advised, the Office of Community Relations is currently updating this web page. For more current information, please call 609-984-3081,  ext. 5.


"Documents provided on the Office of Community Relations website define in non-technical language the more commonly used environmental terms and concepts appearing in Site Remediation Program publications, news releases, and other documents available to the general public, students, the media, and state employees. These documents do not have regulatory effect, and cannot be relied upon in lieu of officially promulgated NJDEP rules and definitions published in the New Jersey Register and the New Jersey Administrative Code."