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Appendix 1

EDSA Excel Template

SRP provides a template to make it easier to generate an acceptabe EDD that will pass the EDSA7 checker. There are 6 rules that must be followed when using the template.

  1. Never write directly to the original template – always use a copy of the spreadsheet;
  2. Don't change the format of the template;
  3. Copy and paste text only to the spreadsheet tabs. If the source is from spreadsheet cells that are not in a text format, paste what is copied to Notepad then copy the text from Notepad into the template;
  4. Once data input to the template has been completed, “Save As” DTST.TXT or HZSAMPLE.TXT or HZRESULT.TXT from their corresponding tabs. Make sure the format selected is Tab-delimited Text;
  5. If manual data entry is necessary, enter the information directly into the copy of the template; and
  6. Finally run the EDD through EDSA7 and send it to SRP when it passes EDSA7.