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May 25, 2011 - [SRRA] Opt-In Information


Date & Time: 5/25/2011 11:01 AM
Subject [SRRA] Opt-In Information

NOTE: This is a corrected version of a listserv message originally sent 5/25/2011. The only difference between the resent and the original messages is the corrected deadline date.

Opt-In Information

All parties are required to hire a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP) by May 7, 2012, and to then proceed with the remediation without Department pre-approval. However, a party may choose to opt-in to the LSRP remediation program prior to May 7, 2012. To opt-in the person must complete the LSRP Notification of Retention or Dismissal Form available at The person remediating the site who elects to opt-in shall provide his/her signature in Section F of the form. Submission of this certification results in automatic Department approval. The Department will not be issuing a separate approval. *** The person certifying the form may proceed with the remediation upon submittal of the certified form. ***

PLEASE NOTE: In order to sign the certification, the person responsible for conducting the remediation must first be sure that remediation funding source and related surcharge requirements have been met if applicable, and that all invoiced costs have been paid. If you have not received an oversight cost invoice from the Department within 3 months prior to the date you intend to submit this form, you should request an invoice by contacting the Office of Direct Billing and Cost Recovery at (609) 633-0701. You may sign the certification if the Department has approved a payment plan for outstanding costs.

For more information about opting-in please go to the following: which provides the facts about 'opting-in' to the LSRP Program. for detailed instructions and information about the form.

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