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Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) Listserv Archives
August 22, 2017 - [SRRA]: Remedial Phase Report Services Document Uploader Updated

From:; on behalf of; SRRA <>
Date & Time: 8/22/2017 9:07 AM
Subject [SRRA]: Remedial Phase Report Services Document Uploader Updated

[SRRA]: Remedial Phase Report Services Document Uploader Updated

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Department) is sending this listserv to notify users of a change in the LSRP Remedial Phase Report Services. The remedial phase report uploader that required Java to be installed has been replaced, and Java is no longer required.

For the new uploader, there is no known limit to file size that can be accepted, it depends largely on the user's internet connection speed. As before, please attempt to upload the remedial phase report as one file. If the upload fails, Maps and Figures, and Data Deliverables (if required) can be split from the report and uploaded separately, on the same page, but must be added from "add attachment" on the same page. If anything fails to upload, the attachment row must be left in place and bypass checked on that attachment row. If an attachment is bypassed, a transmittal page will be attached to the acknowledgement email, and only the missing attachment must be submitted on a disk along with the transmittal page.

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