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  Stormwater Management
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 State Permits Potentially Required During Maintenance

Some maintenance activities may require State permits depending on specific circumstances, such as, but not limited to, design, access, disposal methods, and methods of repair. Below is a list of possible activities including possible permits and associated program areas that may be needed during the maintenance of a stormwater management measure. The list below does not cover all activities which require an approval, and may not cover all Department permits required for an activity, but it provides guidance on some of the more common activities.

Potential Permit and Program Area
Overview of Freshwater Wetland, Flood Hazard, Costal, Tidelands Permits

Division of Land Use Regulation

Land Use Permits for Stormwater Maintenance

Division of Land Use Regulation

Public Entities to Maintain and Repair Stormwater Management Structures and Conveyance in Flood Hazard Area

Division of Land Use Regulation

Repair Embankment of Basin Classified as Dam

Bureau of Dam Safety and Flood Control

Disturbance, Capture, or Relocation of Wild Animals

Division of Fish and Wildlife

Discharge of Dredged Material

Office of Dredging & Sediment Technology

Divison of Land Use Regulation

Disposal of Street Sweepings and Disposal of Basin Settlement


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