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Tri-State Watershed Management Plan
Project Mission

To preserve and protect the designated Special Protection Waters of the middle Delaware River while insuring that the growth desired by the municipalities can occur in this area.

Project Goal

Develop a watershed management plan that defines how states and local municipalities within the tri-state middle Delaware River region can accommodate anticipated growth while maintaining the existing good water quality of this river segment.

Project Area

The area defining the boundary of the work plan is the 300-square-mile drainage area surrounding an 8.5-mile stretch of river just north of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area up to the southern edge of the Upper Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River. This stretch of river borders Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

Project Authorities
  • The congressional compact creating a regional agency - the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) - that plans and manages the water and natural resources of the Delaware River Watershed;
  • The National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act;
  • The Special Protection Waters designation as defined by the DRBC; and
  • The enabling legislation and general management plan of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.