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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

World Languages

State of New Jersey
Department of Education

SUMMARY of N.J.A.C. 6:11-4.9

Criteria for Approval of International Agencies Operating Teacher Placement Programs

  1. Agencies must provide the New Jersey Department of Education with:
  • Evidence of authorization by the U.S. State Department to sponsor J-1 visas.
  • Information on all aspects of the placement program, including:

-Orientation materials and procedures;

-References from other state agencies; and

-Evidence of having an established track record for teacher placement.

Details on how the agency determines the following:

-U.S. bachelor degree equivalency;

-College teacher placement equivalency;

-Authorization to teach; and

-Actual teaching experience.

  1. Agencies must provide assistance to schools and international teachers with all aspects of the placement process in the following areas:
  • Selection of Participants:

-Recruitment and screening standards and process;

-Valid teacher certification documentation from home country;

-Documentation of a minimum two years teaching experience;

-U.S. bachelor’s degree equivalency;

-Eligibility for issuance of a NJ limited certificate; and

-Demonstration of the ability to speak, read, and write English fluently.

  • Logistics:

-Provide teacher orientation in preparation for teaching assignments and life in the school community;

-Arrange for enrollment in a health and accident insurance coverage plan that meets J-1 visa requirements; and

-Work with districts to prepare them for their role of hosting foreign teachers.

  • Teacher Activities and Evaluation:

-Teachers must be assigned within their respective disciplines; and

-Agency must ensure that a monitoring and support system is in place.

Quality Assurance that the agency will replace any teacher who does not meet school district expectations.

Payment for Services:

-Cost may be absorbed by the school district or by the teacher participant;

-Mutually acceptable agreement signed prior to teacher’s arrival in the U.S.; and

-Fee schedule provided to the department on an annual basis.

  1. Approved agencies are subject to a department review every three years. They will be required to cease operations in NJ if they fail to meet the outlined criteria.