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2002 New Jersey Public School Technology Survey

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Survey Form

Table Survey
Percent of Schools With a Web Site Header Information
Teacher Skill Levels 1
Percent of Schools With a School or District Technology Coordinator 2
Percent of Schools With Someone Whose Responsibilities Include Providing Leadership and Support for Technology Integration 3
How Teachers are Supported with Technology 4
Percent of Schools in Which the Supervision and Evaluation of Educators Addresses Effective Use of Technology for Student Achievement 5
Technology Assistance Priorities 6
Percent of Schools With a Local Area Network (LAN) 7
Percent of Schools With a Wide Area Network (WAN) 8
Schools With Distance Learning Capabilities &  Distance Learning Connections 9
Percent of Schools With Students Participating in Remote Classes or Interactive Event-Based Activities 10
Percent of Schools That Ranked Each Area as the Top Four Core Curriculum Content Standards Supported by the School's Distance Learning Activities 11
Internet Access 12
Average Percent of School-Based Connectivity 13
Percent of Classrooms With Internet Connections 14
Schools With Acceptable Use Policies 15 & 16
Percent of Schools With Internet Filtering Software 17
Percent of Students Per School Using Technology Tools in the Curriculum and Learning Activities on a Daily Basis 18
Percent of Students Per School Using the World Wide Web on a Daily Basis as Part of the Curriculum 19
Technology Used in the Core Curriculum Content Areas 20
Student-to-Computer Ratio and Instructional Computers in Classrooms 21
Percent of Computers Connected to the Internet 21
Percent of Computers That are Laptops 21
Average Number of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) Per School 21
Percent of Computers That are Purchased/Leased 22
Types of Family and Community Participation in Educational technology Program 23
Alternate Sources of Technology Access 24