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School Finance

Outline for Comprehensive Annual Financial Report


Introduction to the Statistical Section

Financial Trends - Revised August 2006

J-1 Net Assets by Component
J-2 Changes in Net Assets
J-3 Fund Balances – Governmental Funds
J-4 Changes in Fund Balances – Governmental Funds
J-5 General Fund Other Local Revenue by Source

Revenue Capacity

J-6 Assessed Value and Estimated Actual Value of Taxable Property (Revised July 2006)
J-7 Direct and Overlapping Property Tax Rates
J-8 Principal Property Taxpayers*
J-9 Property Tax Levies and Collections

Debt Capacity - Revised August 2006

J-10 Ratios of Outstanding Debt by Type
J-11 Ratios of General Bonded Debt Outstanding
J-12 Direct and Overlapping Governmental Activities Debt
J-13 Legal Debt Margin Information

Demographic and Economic Information

J-14 Demographic and Economic Statistics
J-15 Principal Employers

Operating Information

J-16 Full-time Equivalent District Employees by Function/Program
J-17 Operating Statistics
J-18 School Building Information
J-19 Schedule of Allowable Maintenance Expenditures by School Facility
J-20 Insurance Schedule

*Private citizens should be listed as Individual Taxpayer 1, Individual Taxpayer 2, etc.