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Certification & Induction

Applicant Advisories

Requirement for Certificate of Eligibility

"An Introduction to the Teaching Profession: A 24 Hour Pre-service Program"

Candidates seeking Certificates of Eligibility (CE) must complete a minimum of 24 hours of formal instruction prior to issuance of the CE and as part of application requirements. This prescribed program of study, "An Introduction to the Teaching Profession: A 24 Hour Pre-service Program , " is offered through department-authorized providers throughout the state or through equivalent coursework documented on a transcript from a New Jersey regionally accredited four-year college or university. Coursework from out-of-state institutions does not fulfill this requirement.

This requirement became effective on September 1, 2009, for candidates seeking a preschool through grade three (P-3) CE. It became effective on October 31, 2009, for candidates seeking elementary, N-12 subject area, English as a Second Language, Students with Disabilities, Bilingual, and career and technical education CEs.

Holders of Certificates of Eligibility with Advanced Standing or provisional or standard certificates in another instructional area will not be required to complete this study. AN EXCEPTION IS HOLDERS OF N-12 OR K-6 CERTIFICATES APPLYING FOR THE P-3 CE – THEY MUST COMPLETE THE P-3 24 HOURS.  Candidates whose completed applications were submitted to the Office of Certification and Induction as of October 30, 2009 (August 31, 2009 for P-3 applicants) will not be required to enroll in this 24 - hour program. A complete application consists of the application itself, the fee, an official transcript and the oath of allegiance/verification of accuracy. If such applicants are denied a certificate for any reason, e.g., low GPA, did not have the requisite number of credits, etc., the person will have to take the 24 - hour course.

Following is a list of agencies that have been approved to offer the 24 - hour programs. Information regarding available classes and registration processes may be obtained through the contact information below.


Approved 24 - Hour Programs for the P-3 CE

Kean University Elizabeth Satchell
Monmouth University Dr. Kerry Carley-Rizzuto

Montclair State University Liz Kendall
New Jersey City University Dr. Regina M. Adesanya
The College of New Jersey Dr. Jody Eberly
William Paterson University Dr. Anita Kumar

The following courses will be accepted to fulfill the P-3 requirement if they have been previously completed:

Kean University:
Course title: Foundations of Early Childhood and Family Studies: Course prefix and number: EC 5000
Course title: Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education: Course prefix and number: EC 3300
Course title: Field Experiences in Multicultural Early Childhood Settings: Course prefix and number: EC 2900

William Paterson University:
Course title: Teaching as a Profession
Course prefix and number: CIED 203

Approved 24hr Programs for Elementary K-6, N-12 Subject Area, ESL, Career and Technical Education CE

Elizabeth Regional Training Center Stephen J. Williams,  
Kean University Elizabeth Satchell

Monmouth County Vocational School District Dana Schaed,  
Monmouth University Meredith Riddle
Morris-Union Jointure Commission Diane Viola-Henriksen
New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey Mercedes Vargas
Relay GSE/North Star Academy Evan Hendon
Rowan University Lynne Levy 
Rutgers University- Center for Effective School Practices Mary Ellen Morris

Saint Peters College James Jacobson
Michelle Cassaro
Thomas Edison State University
Michael Hinman

The following courses will be accepted to fulfill this requirement for elementary, N-12 subject area, ESL or CTE candidates if they have been previously completed:

Caldwell College: ED 206 Philosophical and Historical Foundations of American and School Curriculum
The College of Saint Elizabeth: ED 603 Curriculum Theory and Practice

Kean University:
EMSE 2800, 2801, 2802 Sophomore Field Experience 2
2900 Field Experiences in Multicultural Early Childhood Settings
FA 2900 Sophomore Field for Art Ed.
MUS 2900 Sophomore Field for Music
EC 3300 Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education
EC 3400 Student Teaching in Early Childhood Education
3800, 3801, 3802 Pre-professional Field Experience
PED 2800 Sophomore Field Experience Physical Education/Health
EMSE 5560 Introduction to Education

Monmouth University:
ED 510-50 Foundations of Education
ED 250 Foundations of Teaching and Learning
Ramapo College of New Jersey: Educ 222 Teaching: Principles and Practices

Rowan University:
EDUC 01104 Teaching: An Introduction to the Profession
EDUC 01270 Teaching in Learning Communities I
EDUC 01272 Teaching in Learning Communities II
Rutgers University – Camden: 50:964:101 Fundamentals of the Teaching Profession
Seton Hall University: EDST6422 Classroom Curriculum, Planning and Organization
EDST1001 Introduction to Teaching

William Paterson University:
CIED 203 Teaching as a Profession
CIEE 5110 Educational Psychological Theories and Applications
SMAT 5100 The Art of Teaching in the 21st Century
SPC 2550 Foundations Of Education in a Diverse Society