New Jersey Department of Education

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Certification & Induction

Guidelines For Completion Of Program Verification Form

The program verification form is required only for candidates who have completed a teacher education program out-of-state or in NJ.

  1. Complete Section “A” ONLY of the form.

  2. Send it to the education department of the college/university where you completed your teacher preparation and/or certification program.

  3. This form must be fully completed and signed by your college education department’s Director of Teacher Certification.  The college must verify the information with the college seal.

  4. The form should be returned to you, the applicant.

  5. This form, when returned to you, is to be sent to the Office of Certification and Induction. However, for applications expedited through a county office of education, this completed form should be provided to the county office for transmittal to Trenton.

  6. Only the original, signed form will be accepted.