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December 28, 2000 Students from Brick and Voorhees to Participate in Senate Youth Program
December 20, 2000 Department of Education Approves Facilities Plans for Two Abbott Districts
December 7, 2000 Achieve Inc. Finds NJ Assessment Program 'Rigorous and Reasonable' - Makes Recommendations for Review of Core Curriculum Content Standards
December 6, 2000 Commissioner Announces New Technology Initiative for School Administrators
December 6, 2000 Paterson Test Scores Rise in Eight of Nine Areas in 1999-2000
December 6, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Presents Nationally Recognized Schools to State Board of Education
December 6, 2000 Marino is New Essex County Superintendent of Schools
December 5, 2000 Governor Highlights Pledge to School Improvements with School Construction Bill Also Asks Residents to Take the Time to Vote
December 1, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Praises Work of Jersey City Transition Team
November 29, 2000 The Parents’ Circle - Department of Education Launches Web Site with Parents in Mind
November 1, 2000 Roberta H. Van Anda Sworn In as Member of State Board of Education
November 1, 2000 Jersey City Reports Continued Progress in Meeting State Standards
November 1, 2000 State Board of Education Revises Strategic Plan
November 1, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Presents 1999-2000 Star Schools to State Board of Education
October 27, 2000 New Jersey AmeriCorps Units Prepare for ‘Make a Difference Day’
October 25, 2000 Department of Education Releases Guide to Governor’s Awards in Arts Education
October 25, 2000 Department of Education Gives Green Light to $800 Million For Over 400 Facilities Construction and Repair Projects in Abbott Districts
October 20, 2000 AmeriCorps Launch will Mark Seven Years of Community Service
October 18, 2000 New Jersey Educators Learn High-Tech Methods to Share Their Award-Winning Successes
October 12, 2000 Hespe Says Law Center’s Criticism of School Construction Review Process Lacks Credibility
October 6, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Announces Plan to Provide Teachers Questions and Answers to Portions of 4th and 8th Grade Tests
October 6, 2000 ESPA Language Arts Literacy Scores Released
October 4, 2000 Character Education Partnership Successfully Launched in New Jersey
October 4, 2000 ACE Grants Aimed at Bridging ‘Digital Divide’
October 4, 2000 Somerset County Educator is 2000-01 Teacher of the Year
October 4, 2000 Commissioner Announces Pilot Program to Enhance Hiring of School Administrators
October 4, 2000 Department of Education Produces Video to Help Special Education Students Make Transition from School to Adult Life
September 29, 2000 HSPT Exam Scheduled for Next Week
September 28, 2000 Department of Education Joins Department of Military and Veterans Affairs in New Program to Recognize "The Greatest Generation"
September 27, 2000 Award Winners Announced for Parent Participation Projects in Abbott School Districts
September 27, 2000 Governor Whitman and Education Commissioner Hespe Launch Video Distance Learning Service for Students and Teachers
September 19, 2000 Department of Education Launches New Jersey School Counselor Initiative
September 15, 2000 21 Educators Receive Awards for Proposals to Enhance Career Preparation
September 15, 2000 Advisory – New Jersey School Counselor Initiative
September 6, 2000 State Board of Education Approves Charles T. Epps, Jr. As New State District Superintendent for Jersey City Public Schools
September 6, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Announces New Program to Recognize Exemplary Principals
September 1, 2000 Department of Education Revokes Charter of Simon Bolivar Charter School in Newark
August 29, 2000 New Jersey Keeps Pace with Nation and Leads Tri-State Region in Performance on SATs
August 22, 2000 Second Year Test Results Show Students Rising to the Challenge But More Work Remains - Commissioner Hespe Authorizes a Review of ESPA Writing Sections -
August 17, 2000 Department of Education Receives 27 Charter School Applications
August 10, 2000 Number of Schools in New Jersey's Abbott Districts Adopting Whole School Reform Jumps to 370 for 2000-01 School Year
August 2, 2000 State Board of Education Sets Science Proficiency Levels for Eighth Grade Test
July 26, 2000 Education Law Center Report on Preschool Activities Riddled with Faulty Assumptions, Data & Conclusions
July 20, 2000 NJ Department of Education Releases Findings of School Technology Survey 2000 -- Student Access to Computers and Internet Expands Rapidly --
July 13, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Names Transition Team in Jersey City
July 13, 2000 Education Commissioner Hespe Lauds Final Legislative Approval of School Facilities Bill
July 12, 2000 Safe Schools Report Shows Overall Decline in School Disruption
July 7, 2000 Two-Year Mentoring Program Proposed to Support New Teachers
July 7, 2000 State Board of Education Continues Jersey City Transition to Local Control By Giving Local School Board Power over Fiscal and Budget Issues
July 7, 2000 Amiriantz is New Cumberland County Superintendent of Schools
July 7, 2000 Dr. Arnold G. Hyndman Takes Oath as Newest Member of State Board of Education
July 7, 2000 Ronald C. Goodwin is New Superintendent of Katzenbach School for the Deaf
July 7, 2000 State Board of Education Re-Elects Dahme and Butcher as Officers for 2000-01
June 14, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Praises Richard DiPatri for Service to Jersey City
June 7, 2000 Video Conference on Whole School Reform Utilizes Interactive Technology To Assist Abbott Districts
June 7, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Proposes Continuing the Transition to Local Control By Giving Jersey City School Board Power over Fiscal and Budget Issues
June 7, 2000 State Board of Education Adopts Revised Regulations for Urban Education Reform,
With Emphasis on Greater Local Input in Curriculum and Budget at School Level
June 7, 2000 Department of Education Prepares to Honor Exemplary Schools and Programs
June 7, 2000 Dennis J. Cox Appointed Hunterdon County Superintendent of Schools
June 7, 2000 Department of Education Unveils Internet Based Hiring System Today
June 7, 2000 State Board of Education Honors North Brunswick High School Students for Winning National Robotics Competition
June 7, 2000 NJ Leads Nation - Seven New Jersey Schools Recognized for Service Learning Excellence
June 7, 2000 Sixteen New Jersey Math, Science Teachers Honored by State Board of Education
May 30, 2000 Department of Education Names New Communications Director
May 24, 2000 Commissioner Hespe's Reaction to the Findings of an Independent Research Group Regarding Improvements in the Newark School District
May 19, 2000 Hespe Announces $156.6 Million in Supplemental Funding for Abbott Districts
May 17, 2000 Department of Education Sets State Aid Allocations For School-Based Character Education Programs
May 4, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Signs Agreement with Cisco Systems To Create Career Path for High-Paying Technology Jobs for High School Students
May 3, 2000 Walter J. Keiss Appointed Burlington County Superintendent of Schools
May 3, 2000 Hudson County Teacher Wins Christa McAuliffe Fellowship
May 3, 2000 State Board of Education Celebrates National Charter Schools Week
May 1, 2000 Gov. Whitman Signs Executive Order Establishing Abbott Implementation Advisory Council
April 20, 2000 Statewide Conference in May to Showcase Governor Whitman's Character Education Partnership
April 19, 2000 State Board of Education Approves Appointment Of Two New Assistant Commissioners
April 19, 2000 Voters Approve Record Percentage of School Budgets But Participation Rate Still Lags
April 19, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Orders REACH Charter High School to Cease Operations
April 19, 2000 Department Forms Advisory Panel to Recommend Effective Ways to Assess Visual & Performing Arts, World Languages & Health and Physical Education
April 17, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Approves Early Childhood Education Expectations & Standards
April 14, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Urges Voter Participation in April 18 School Elections
April 13, 2000 Commissioner of Education Discusses Department Budget At Assembly Committee Hearing
April 11, 2000 Task Force Finds Significant Progress in Asbury Park School District
April 5, 2000 State Board of Education Joins Vineland Students In Electronic Field Trip to Liberty Science Center
April 5, 2000 State Board of Education Approves Revised Standards and Assessment Code Code Establishes Academic Standards as Foundation for NJ Public Education
April 5, 2000 Nine Teachers Honored for Achieving National Teaching Certification
March 20, 2000 Department of Education Submits Second Biennial Report to Legislature
March 13, 2000 Commissioner Hespe Releases New Comparative Spending Guide
March 7, 2000 Statement by Commissioner Hespe Regarding Supreme Court's Preschool Ruling
March 3, 2000 New Jersey Readies to Administer Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment
March 1, 2000 State Board of Education Approves Early Childhood Teachers Certificate
February 16, 2000 Commissioner of Education Releases New Professional Development Standards for Teachers
February 14, 2000 1999 School Report Cards Released
February 9, 2000 Task Force to Host Focus Groups On Draft Early Childhood Education Expectations
February 7, 2000 Student Applications Received for the 10 Pilot Interdistrict Public School Choice Districts
February 3, 2000 Governor, Commissioner Commend Technology Company for Contributing Equipment and Services to Schools
February 3, 2000 Advisory - Commissioner Hespe to Visit Choice School in Kenilworth
February 2, 2000 State Board of Education Names Ad Hoc Committee to Assist Department of Education in Review of Newark School District Finances
February 2, 2000 Anne Dillman Sworn-in to Fifth Term on State Board of Education
January 26, 2000 Changes in State Aid Formula Mean More Money for More School Districts
January 21, 2000 Department of Education Provides Sample ESPA and GEPA Tests to the Public
January 5, 2000 Whitman Announces 14 New Charter Schools
January 5, 2000 Commissioner of Education Presents Revised Standards and Assessment Code Proposal to State Board of Education
January 5, 2000 State Board of Education Approves Higher Standards for Teachers; Reciprocity for out-of-state Administrators