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For Release: March 10, 2006

LongRange Facilities Plan Updates Required

New Jersey Department of Education officials today advised all school districts that because the revised facilities efficiency standards (FES) included in the software the districts used to prepare their Long Range Facilities Plans (LRFPs) last fall had not been properly authorized, districts must now resubmit their LRFP electronic filings using the original FES.

The updated software necessary to prepare the revised reports will be available on DOE’s LRFP website on Tuesday, March 14, Assistant Commissioner Gordon MacInnes said.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, but since all of the calculations are done automatically online, revising these sections of the reports should only take districts a few minutes,” he said.  “In most cases, the FES changes will not require districts to revise their overall LRFPs.  However, it’s important that they go online and incorporate these changes as soon as possible because the reviews of their LRFPs cannot continue until the reports are resubmitted.”

MacInnes said the reports had to be revised because the DOE’s Biennial Report on the Cost of Providing a Thorough and Efficient Education, which is required by law and contains any changes to the FES, was not submitted to the Legislature in 2004 in a timely manner.  

MacInnes said the DOE Office of Facilities was ready to provide assistance to any districts with technical assistance.

Click here for a copy of the memo sent to school districts today.