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Educator Recruitment, Preparation, and Recognition

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Laws and Regulations

Statute and Regulations

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    Pamphlet Law Statute Summary
    P.L.2017, c.70 18A:40-3.7 to 18A:40-3.9 Requires State Board of Education regulations regarding school nurse certification to include certain minimum eligibility requirements.
    P.L.2017, c.6 18A:26-2.23 to 18A:26-2.25 Requires teacher preparation program for instructional certificate to include certain amount of instruction or clinical experience in special education and for students with disabilities endorsement to include credit hours in autism spectrum disorder.
    P.L.2015, c.111 18A:26-2.18 to 18A:26-2.22 Authorizes a teacher leader endorsement to the instructional certificate.
    P.L.2014, c.72 18A:26-2.15 to 18A:26-2.17 Requires preparation programs for teachers and school counselors to include programming to improve student career readiness.