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Educator Recruitment, Preparation, and Recognition

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Educator Preparation

Within the Office of Recruitment, Preparation, and Recognition, our focus on preparation includes supporting all preparation programs across the state that prepare educators for New Jersey public schools, with a specific focus on the following:

  1. Developing regulations and guidance pertaining to the operation of educator preparation programs,
  2. Approving and monitoring all preparation programs that operate in New Jersey and are intended to lead to state certification, and
  3. Sharing data and information on approved preparation programs to help promote their continuous improvement
  • 2018 Distinguished Cooperating Teachers photo
    2018 Distinguished Cooperating Teachers
  • 2018 Distinguished Clinical Interns photo
    2018 Distinguished Clinical Interns

  • The Power and Benefits of Clinical Practice
    Please take the time to view this video, The Power and Benefits of Clinical Practice. It speaks to the importance of being a cooperating teacher as well as the impact of clinical interns.
  • Photo of Rowan University’s Project IMPACT participants.
    Rowan University's Project IMPACT recently kicked off a new initiative aimed to recruit and support male teachers of color.

  • Monmouth University and Middletown Township School District worked together to implement a strong pilot experience for teacher candidates using the teacher performance assessment