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Fallen Heroes
A - F

Cpl Terrence P. Allen
U.S. Marine Corps, 15 Sep 07

SPC Yoe Manuel Anieros
U.S. Army, 7 Sep 04

PFC Joe R. Baines
U.S. Army, 16 Dec 06

SPC Ryan Travis Baker
U.S. Army, 15 Nov 03

PV2 Charles Barnett
U.S. Army, 20 Nov 08

SPC Jonathan Batista
U.S. Army, 8 Jul 12

PFC Stephen C. Benish
U.S. Army, 28 Nov 04

PFC David J. Bentz
U.S. Army, 20 Jun 07

CDR Kevin Bianchi
U.S. Navy, 16 Jul 03

LCpl Donald S. Brown
U.S. Marine Corps, 25 Oct 06

SGT Scott Brunkhorst
U.S. Army, 29 Mar 10

SSG Christian E. Bueno-Galdos
U.S. Army, 11 May 09

SSG Jason M. Butkus
U.S. Army, 30 Aug 07

SGT Keith T. Buzinski
U.S. Army, 17 April 11

SSGT Oscar E. Canon
U.S. Marines, 14 Feb 12

SSG Frank T. Carvill
U.S. Army, 4 Jun 04

CPT Thomas J. Casey
U.S. Army, 3 Jan 08

SGT Steven Checo
U.S. Army, 21 Dec 02

SSG Robert J. Chiomento II
U.S. Army, 17 Jul 06

PFC Min Soo Choi
U.S. Army, 26 Feb 05

LCpl Curtis A. Christensen Jr.
U.S. Marine Corps, 11 Jan 08

PFC Ryan D. Christensen
U.S. Army, 24 Nov 05

SSgt Eric D. Christian
U.S. Marine Corps, 4 May 13

1SG Christopher D. Coffin
U.S. Army, 1 July 03

SPC Brian M. Connelly
U.S. Army, 26 Feb 09

1LT Salvatore S. Corma
U.S. Army, 29 Apr 10

LCpl Christopher B. Cosgrove III
U.S. Marine Corps, 1 Oct 06

CPL Michael Edward Curtin
U.S. Army, 29 Mar 03

CPT Gregory T. Dalessio
U.S. Army, 23 June 08

Sgt. Joseph D'Augustine
U.S. Marine Corps, 27 March 12

LCpl. Osbrany M. De Oca
U.S. Marine Corps, 10 Feb 12

Pfc. Leroy Deronde III
U.S. Army, 27 May 12

SPC Anthony J. Dixon
U.S. Army, 1 Aug 04

SGT Ryan E. Doltz
U.S. Army, 5 Jun 04

SPC Christopher M. Duffy
U.S. Army, 4 Jun 04

2LT Seth J. Dvorin
U.S. Army, 3 Feb 04

SGT Michael Egan
U.S. Army, 19 Sep 05

SPC Farid Elazzouzi
U.S. Army, 14 Jun 07

SPC Richard Emmons
U.S. Army, 31 May 11

CPT Brian R. Faunce
U.S. Army, 18 Sep 03

Sgt Matthew J. Fenton
U.S. Marine Corps, 5 May 06

SGT Clarence L. Floyd, Jr.
U.S. Army, 10 Dec 05

LCpl Phillip E. Frank
U.S. Marine Corps, 8 Apr 04

PFC Vincent M. Frassetto
U.S. Marine Corps, 7 Sep 06

SGT Bryan L. Freeman, Jr.
U.S. Army, 8 Nov 04

SPC Adam D. Froehlich
U.S. Army, 25 Mar 04
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