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Fallen Heroes
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CW3 John A. Quinlin
U.S. Army, 18 Feb 07

SGT Sameer A. M. Rateb
U.S. Army, 6 May 07

Cpl. Kevin J. Reinhard
Marines, 19 Jan 12

SPC Jamal M. Rhett
U.S. Army, 15 Aug 10

SPC Eric G. Palacios Rivera
U.S. Army, 14 Nov 06

SPC Frank K. Rivers Jr.
U.S. Army, 14 Apr 04

CPT Charles D. Robinson
U.S. Army, 3 Jun 05

SSG Vincenzo Romeo
U.S. Army, 6 May 07

Cpl Marc T. Ryan
U.S. Marine Corps, 15 Nov 04

Cpl Thomas E. Saba
U.S. Marine Corps, 7 Feb 07

PVT Anthony J. Sausto
U.S. Army, 10 May 07

LCpl Edward A Schroeder
U.S. Marine Corps, 3 Aug 05

LCpl Michael A. Schwarz
U.S. Marine Corps, 27 Nov 06

SGT Michael P. Scusa
U.S. Army, 3 Oct 09

SFC Benjamin Sebban
U.S. Army, 17 Mar 07

SPC Marc S. Seiden
U.S. Army, 2 Jan 04

Sgt Alan David Sherman
U.S. Marine Corps, 29 Jun 04

SGT Stephen R. Sherman
U.S. Army, 3 Feb 04

SGT Eric L. Snell
U.S. Army, 18 Jun 07

SPC Stanley J. Sokolowski III
U.S. Army, 20 May 10

LtCol John C. Spahr
U.S. Marine Corps, 2 May 05

SPC Philip I. Spakosky
U.S. Army, 14 May 04

LCpl Jeffery Stevenson
U.S. Marine Corps, 13 July 08

SPC Narson Bertil Sullivan
U.S. Army, 25 Apr 03

LCpl Vincent M. Sullivan
U.S. Marine Corps, 23 Jul 04

SSG Stephen J. Sutherland
U.S. Army, 12 Nov 05

LCpl Harry R. Swain IV
U.S. Marine Corps, 31 Jan 05

PO1 David M. Tapper
U.S. Navy, 20 Aug 03

CPT Michael Y. Tarlavsky
U.S. Army, 12 Aug 04

MAJ Steven W. Thornton
U.S. Army, 18 Apr 05

SSG Humberto F. Timoteo
U.S. Army, 5 Jun 04

2LT Richard Torres
U.S. Army, 6 Oct 03

1LT Omar Vazquez
U.S. Army, 22 Apr 11

SSgt Thomas A. Walkup Jr.
U.S. Air Force, 23 Nov 03

SSG Joseph M. Weiglein
U.S. Army, 29 May 07

A1C Carl Jerome Ware Jr.
U.S. Air Force, 1 Jul 06

Maj James M. Weis
U.S. Marine Corps, 22 July 10

PV2 Robert C. White III
U.S. Army, 23 Apr 05

Spc. Ronald H. Wildrick Jr.
U.S. Army, 11 Dec 11

PFC Eric R. Wilkus
U.S. Army, 25 Dec 06

2ndLt J.T. Wroblewski
U.S. Marine Corps, 6 Apr 04

1LT Dennis W. Zilinski II
U.S. Army, 19 Nov 05

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