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Where can I find information on road conditions and construction?

Construction Updates provides the latest information on traffic reports, lane closings, and ongoing construction. Live traffic cameras let you view the current traffic conditions on the roads listed.

What is the speed limit in NJ?

New Jersey law sets top speed limits for any given road, street, highway, or freeway. The speed limit, unless otherwise posted, is 25 mph in school zones, business, or residential districts; 35 mph in certain low density business and residential districts; 50 mph on all other roadways; 55 mph on certain state highways (as posted) and all interstates; and 65 mph on certain state highways (as posted).

Where can I find a list of laws concerning driving safety?

The Motor Vehicle Commission Web site lists state driving laws as well as associated penalties and fines.

Is the NJ Driver Manual available online?

Yes. You can access the New Jersey Driver Manual online.

Where Can I Find A List Of The NJ Point Schedule?

The Motor Vehicle Commission Web site lists all offenses and the points associated with it.

Can you explain the point system under NJ law?

The Motor Vehicle Commission Web site explains the point system and gives some facts about drunk driving.

What is the driving age in NJ?

In 2001, New Jersey joined 23 other states and several Canadian provinces in implementing a multi-stage driver licensing system.

The new system introduces driving privileges gradually to first-time drivers and applicants under 21 years, extends their practice driving time, and raises the unrestricted basic driver license age from 17 to 18 years.

Where are the Motor Vehicle Commission offices located in NJ?

Choose your county to find your local motor vehicle agency.

How do I order specialized license plates?

The Motor Vehicle Commission Web site provides information on each kind of specialized license plate, dedicated plates, as well as personalized plates.

Where can I find maps of local areas?

The Department of Transportation provides maps of the Garden State.

How do I register my vehicle?

Vehicle registrations can be renewed online at NJMVC.GOV. New Jersey drivers are eligible to use Access DMV for passenger vehicles, pleasure boats, trailers under 55,000 lbs., and motorcycles. To register for the first time, you must visit a motor vehicle agency. Additional information about boat registration is also available.