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What state department oversees insurance companies?

Where can I find laws concerning insurance?

This digest of insurance law (*pdf) was provided by A.M. Best, courtesy of the law firm Hardin, Kundla, McKeon, Poletto & Polifroni, P.A. of Springfield.

Where can I find rankings of insurance companies, particularly auto and homeowners insurers?

The Department of Banking and Insurance provides a list of companies that rank insurers. Shopping for Auto Insurance in New Jersey contains price comparisons, complaint ratios, tier ratings, and a buyer's guide. The Homeowners Insurance page includes frequently asked questions about homeowners insurance.

What state agency regulates HMO's?

Where can I find a list of HMO's authorized in New Jersey?

Where can I find information about different HMO plans?

The Department of Banking & Insurance developed a report card on HMO plans.

Where can I find information on low-cost health insurance for my children and myself?

NJ FamilyCare provides information that will help you determine whether you qualify for low-cost or no-cost health insurance. You can fill out an application or view frequently asked questions.

Where can I register a complaint about my insurance provider?

The Consumer Complaint page offers assistance in filing a complaint.