Get Covered New Jersey

Get Covered New Jersey

What is open enrollment?

This year’s Open Enrollment Period runs for six weeks, from November 1 through December 15. It is the only time during the year when you can enroll in coverage, unless you experience a major life event (such as having a baby, moving, or losing or changing jobs) that qualifies you for special enrollment OR if you’re eligible for the state’s NJ FamilyCare program, in which you can enroll year-round.

How much will insurance cost and can I really afford it?

This year, health plan rates are down in New Jersey. And you might receive financial help to lower the cost of your plan. Last year, about 8 out of 10 New Jersey residents purchasing on the Marketplace received a tax credit to pay for their plan. Plans and prices change every year, so it’s important to check out your options to ensure you find the plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Is financial assistance available to help lower the cost of my plan?

Last year, nearly 200,000 New Jerseyans got a tax credit to help pay for their plan. In New Jersey, a family of four earning up to about $100,400 a year and an individual earning up to about $48,560 a year can qualify. In fact, last year the average individual saved $442 a month with a tax credit. Visit the Shop and Compare section to learn more.

Is there still a requirement to have health insurance in New Jersey?

Yes. New Jersey is committed to making sure health insurance is available and affordable to all residents. To help with this, the state has kept in place a requirement for New Jersey residents to have health coverage or make a shared responsibility payment. Making sure all residents have health coverage helps ensure there are more health plans available for consumers to pick from, that premiums remain affordable, and that comprehensive coverage is available for all who need it – including people with pre-existing conditions. Any funds from this penalty collected by the state are dedicated to reducing the cost of health insurance for individuals. Through New Jersey’s efforts to stabilize our insurance market, we’ve seen a nearly 10 percent drop in health insurance premiums this year alone.
More detailed information on New Jersey’s health insurance requirement and the Shared Responsibility Payment may be found here.

I have Medicare, Medicaid or insurance through my job - do I need to do anything?

Most New Jersey residents have health coverage through their job, their parents, or a public program like Medicare or NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid. If that's the case, you meet the state's requirement to have health coverage and will not be required to make the Shared Responsibility Payment. It's important to follow the regular timelines to re-enroll in your plan and make sure you have the coverage that best meets your needs, but you do not need to do anything differently now. If you don't have affordable health coverage through your job, you can check out your options on the Shop and Compare page during the annual open enrollment period November 1 - December 15 to get coverage that begins January 1, 2019.

I don't qualify for financial help, but I heard there are new plans available this year. What are my options?

Plans and prices change every year so it's important to see what's new. If you are currently enrolled in coverage, there may be another plan that fits your personal and financial needs. For the first time in New Jersey, if you don't qualify for a tax credit on the Marketplace, silver plans available Off The Marketplace (purchased directly from the carrier) may be more affordable. The bottom line is that if you are not eligible for financial help, be sure to shop around. Check out your options both on and off the Marketplace.

I've read something about short-term coverage - is that an option?

Short-Term Limited Duration plans are prohibited in New Jersey. Sometimes called "skimpy" plans, they don't cover the basic services you would expect from insurance and that are required in New Jersey. Plans offered at and in New Jersey's individual market Off The Marketplace cover comprehensive benefits like preventive care, check-ups, prescriptions, hospitalizations, maternity care, mental health care, and more.

I want to protect my family -- I’m ready to enroll in coverage but still have questions. Where can I find help?

Free help is available to find a health insurance plan that’s right for you. You can find a trained assister in your community at or call 877-9-NAVIG8 (877-962-8448) to talk about your health insurance options and get help enrolling.

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